Friday, April 6, 2012

Taking a Break: Cat Love

Sometimes when life gets too hectic I find it so relaxing to turn to my pets and forget about the hustle and bustle of keeping up with stuff everyday.  We have two kitties, Tiger and Ginger. There's nothing to help one forget their troubles at work or in life than looking in the innocent face of your pet.  While we are planning on having kids in the future, for now, we are enjoying our time with our cats.  I adopted these two rescues as kittens from a non-profit organization outside of Baltimore, Maryland, called Lucky Cat Rescue.  I have to say, that adopting a pet was one of the best decisions I have made in the last six years.



Tiger getting into our recyclable bag for attention

Ginger's cute grooming positions

Watching the cats play with a feather toy

These two little puddin' faces always melt my heart, they don't judge and are always ready for some love.  Tiger even snuggles with me as I work on the computer.

While my clothes have sustained some scratching from when they play games and paw at things in my suitcase, they are a joy to share my home with.  They shed lot of hair, which is hard to get rid of, but getting it off clothing is easy with lint rollers.  I even keep a lint roller in the office just in case I run out in the morning without checking my clothes for cat hair! They really show me how great it is to be a pet mom and how happy I was to consider the option of pet adoption!

Let's give it up for our pets!  When life gets hard, they continue to love us, rely on us, bring us joy, help reduce stress and prolong life.

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