Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lazy Monday... The Art of Letting Go

Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful Easter, a joyful start to Passover, and a very happy Nowruz!  After the weekend celebrations finished, it was time to get back to real life. By Monday night I was completely exhausted!

Weekdays present a wide array of challenges and lists to complete, and even more so when you have weekends packed with plans, leaving the weekend chores to get delegated to some weeknight.  In our case, there was a lot clean laundry in a pile that needed to be put away.  A typical weekday for us is comprised of work, gym, making/eating dinner, quality time, reading and going to bed, just to do it all over again the next day.  Some days are just more tiresome than others, including yesterday!  So last night, I gave up and took the "lazy" route.  It feels so good sometimes to just let go of the list!

Since there is a grocery store just outside the Metro station, I usually stock up on basics over the weekend and stop off in the grocery store a couple evenings a week for dinner items.  It's so easy to do when the grocery store is just two blocks from home!  Making dinner on most nights is one way we try to save money and eat a bit healthier.  It just happens to be the system that works the best for us now because the grocery store is oh so conveniently near our home.  Previously, living closer to downtown D.C. in an apartment, I went grocery shopping every couple of weeks at a larger grocery store with my list of items and pre-planned menus for dinner for the week ready to go.  But you just cannot beat the convenience of where we live now!

On my way to the grocery store after coming home from the gym, I had nothing...  Absolutely nothing! No list, no ideas, no cravings...  Nothing!  The worst part of going to the grocery store without any idea of what you want to eat or make is wandering around the produce section just staring at items and watching what other people are buying.  While I do get some great inspiration for meals this way, it mostly makes me feel a bit creepy and sad...  Because people in the grocery store are always on a mission to get in, grab what they want and get in the fastest checkout line so they can get out.  Also, shoppers are really not OK with someone watching them shop.  So to avoid lurking in the produce section while others quickly edge away from me, I pick up the back-up dinner option, Giant Grocery Store's rotisserie chicken.  It smells oh-so-good!  I also settle on a simple side salad of arugula, beets and goat cheese (the goat cheese can easily be substituted with feta). Whew! Crisis averted!

Arugula, Canned Beets and Goat Cheese Salad  

Oh yeah, and there's still those three loads of laundry I did on Friday which were lying in their own pile on top of the hamper.  I kind of started folding them when I got home. This is about how far I got.

Yep! That is a pile of the many Washington Redskins towels we own.  We are clearly proud of our local teams, no matter the performance! Yeah I definitely let this slide too. What the heck?  If I was going to let go, I might as well do it right and go all the way...

And there was definitely some Family Guy action, a la TBS, going on.

So that's a very full Monday of things left undone and it felt so great to unwind and not worry about it.  It's definitely not very stylish of me, but then again, I can't keep up with every little thing every day and don't expect to.  So practicing the art of letting go and relaxing goes a long way in helping me keep my precious sanity! Although, while talking to my sister about how hard it is to keep up with the everyday tasks, she tells me to imagine doing that with three kids also, and of course her job is much harder!  Knowing how much harder it can be, I truly do appreciate what we have.  And P.S. That laundry did all get folded on Monday evening with a little extra help! Two always work faster than one...

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