Monday, July 2, 2012

Travel: Finding the Perfect Plane Outfit, Take Two!

Summer is definitely here!  With the recent 100+ degree weather in DC and the storms that hit the area last Friday night and the power knocked out in 1.5 million homes around here, I've been yearning for a vacation elsewhere!

Here's a great idea for a great plane outfit that I put together on Polyvore, provided you're traveling to someplace else that's warm.  I kept the practicality of travel wear with the comfortable tee shirt, the neutral tan satchel and the striped sweater for layering in the airport and on the plane.  I added in a great lightweight button-down for layering, the ends of which can be tied over the tee-shirt to keep that casual vibe but still staying stylish.  Then came the colorful jean bermuda shorts and green flats that are both practical and comfortable but definitely add some style and keep the summer vibe going.  Throwing in a comfortable infinity scarf was a last minute idea because you never know if/when you'll be cold so packing a scarf/shawl and throwing in a sweater for travel is always a great idea!

Any vacation plans coming up for the fourth of July?  Think about traveling in this style with a red/white/blue theme instead!

Travel: Finding the Perfect Plane Outfit, Take Two!


Madewell linen t shirt

Denim blouse
$84 -

Drape sweater

ONLY striped top

Cole Haan wedge shoes

Nine west handbag

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