Friday, April 6, 2012

Every Closet Tells a Story

You can tell a lot about someone by their closet.  Take mine for instance.

Typical his and hers closets.  Not walk-ins, but really, not too shabby.  That's mine on the left and my husband's on the right.  Shall we take a closer look?

Okay... There is a lot going on here. Allow me to elaborate.  On the inside of the closet door on the left I hang my belts and the one visor I use for running and other outdoor activities.  On the inside of the closet door on the right, that's where my dry cleaning usually hangs while I procrastinate to put it away.  On the closet bottom there are two rows of shoes and just above them, is another low shelf with two more rows of shoes (Hey! If you like shoes, you must find the room!).  On top are my folded sweaters and just above them you can just about see the makings of the bottom of another shelf, which holds my (sparse by comparison), collection of purses.  I try to have some method to my madness, so the clothing on hangers are arranged from left to right, ordered by dresses, skirts, pants, sleeveless tops, short sleeve tops, three-quarters length and long sleeved tops, blazers and light jackets. See? Not too messy after all!

A closer inspection reveals...  Well... I really love my shoes! Particularly that one pair of Jimmy Choos  front and center, which I bought for my wedding and have worn once more since that time.  I'm just biding my time when I can find another occasion to wear them. Any day now, any day.

Oh look! There are those purses I mentioned before, way up top! Hmmm. Perhaps I need to get the step stool and try to clean them up a bit.  Unfortunately, at my height I either have to use a step stool, ask for help to put them away or do this jumping/shoving action all at once.  But that last method may result in a purse avalanche.  

That's my closet story!  Upon closer inspection I definitely do have a lot of clothing for work and it is almost all crammed in the closet.  Fortunately, we got this baby below to hold all the extras.  You know, jeans, tees, hoodies, jammies (PJ's), socks and underwear.  The essentials.  Got to love Pottery Barn and their extra large armoires! 

One thing I truly love is shopping in my closet, which I recently rediscovered after taking a break from shopping for any new clothes and shoes, in an effort to save some much needed extra money.  Money that will go to investments, savings, home improvements and furnishings.  This extra moolah actually did come in handy when our stackable washer/dryer decided to stop working last year after we had only just moved into our condo a few months earlier.  (Who knew the minute you stopped renting and bought something that an appliance will need to be replaced?)

Anyhoo, taking a break from shopping has been much, much harder than I had ever thought.  Especially with all the new summer looks coming out. Stripes! Peplum! Colorblocking! Brights! Florals! I could go on and on. 

Ironically, as much as I love the new trends coming out for the summer, I have been able to find something in my closet that is, according to my own calculations, approximately 60% to 75% close to that look.  And that, is always a confidence booster.

In fact, I ran across a few of my favorite things in my closet while putting together this post that I just had to try on.
White Button-Down Blouse - Express
Raspberry Bandage Skirt - Express
Brown Espadrilles - Charles by Charles David from Nordstrom

Swoopy-neck sweater top (technical term) - Lohmann's
  A.G. Stevie Ankle Denim in Plum - Anthropologie
Grey  Stillettos - Steve Madden 

Dress - Anthropologie
Nude Patent Leather Heels - Aldo

BCBG Max Azria Dress -
Silver Metallic Skinny Belt - Banana Republic
Brown Heels by Paprika - 

I had almost forgotten about that last dress after the dry cleaner had lost the matching sash! But after improvising with the skinny metallic belt I had, I fell it love with it all over again!  This will be great for fitting in with the upcoming summer styles.

And of course I rediscovered some old favorites in the shoe department and had to do a photo shoot of them all in their own.  Yep! They photograph amazingly well...

Steve Madden

Nine West courtesy of DSW Shoe Warehouse

These geraniums go great with my fuchsia ruffled heels 

Poetic License courtesy of

I'd be interested to see how long others have shopped in their closets.  Their willpower could sustain my resolve!

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