Friday, April 13, 2012

Movie Closet Covet: Princess Diaries 2 and Clueless

Just sitting at home on a Friday night, while channel surfing on cable television, I ran across The Princess Diaries 2.  I tuned in just in time to catch the scene where Princess Mia (Anne Hathaway) is shown her own castle suite with accompanying walk-in (as well as sit-in, lounge-in, dance-in, hold conferences-in) closet.  And yes!  It is totally fabulous!  Actually besides some of her cute wardrobe choices, it is the absolute best part of the movie.  It's actually kind of funny that today is Friday the 13th and I'm watching a teen romantic comedy (and later My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding...which even my husband will sit through and watch... it's just so fascinating!).  But such is life!

Now that I've digressed enough, back to this fantastic closet.  Don't mind the blurry parts of the pictures as I've taken them via my iPhone as the movie was coming on T.V.  Check this out:

This is her first checking out her new closet

Almost everything is remote controlled! Damn, that shoe rack with accompanying spotlighting is fabulous! 

"Why yes! I do need drawers for all my sunglasses!"

I own about 5 pairs of sunglasses, accumulated over the past 10 years, only two of which are designer and I got on super sale, and I still only wear 1 or 2 pairs!  This is a princess's drawers of sunglasses for sure.

Let me just walk around this giant fresh flower arrangement to the other side to see more...

Well what girl doesn't need a place to store her royal jewels?

And tiaras?

Seeing this closet reminds me of an all to familiar feeling of sweating Cher's closet in the movie Clueless.  As a teenager, when that movie came out it set/sealed so many of those oh-so 90's trends. The plaids, mini skirts, baby tees and thigh highs with skirts.  And the "dress" by Calvin Klein, oh so cute!  Yeah, I kind of wanted that style as a teenager, but back in the day, I didn't have the patience for shopping or clothes.  So my mom bought me stuff, all four sizes bigger... I know!  Its so ironic that fashion/beauty is such a huge interest and passion for me now.  But that is a story for another day.  Does anyone remember this?

The computer virtual outfit dress-up system! 
Or this?  It was so amazing that all those clothes on both racks moved inside the closet like at the dry cleaners!

Cher:  Oh no! You don't understand! This is an Alaia!
Robber: An A-What-a?
Cher: It's like a totally important designer.

Dad: Cher! Come in here!
Cher: What's up daddy?
Dad:  What the hell is that?
Cher: A dress?
Dad: Says who?
Cher: Calvin Klein
Dad: It looks like underwear!  Go upstairs and put something over it!
Cher: Duh! I was just going to... (grabs a long sleeve, mid thigh, sheer overlay)
Apparently that dress was recently re-released by Calvin Klein for a whopping $900.  I suspect that's for the material and labor that went into it.  It looks extremely complicated and elaborate (insert sarcasm here).  Oh my, I realized I was about 14 when this movie came out! Yikes!  Where did all that time go?

And please don't get me started on Carrie Bradshaw's closet either from her apartment or the one Big had built for her  (he'll always be Big no matter what his real name is!) in the first Sex and the City movie!  I might cry for joy!  Although I personally believe the show was far superior, since this is a movie closet covet post, I'll include some stills of the closet from the movie.

You said it girl! My jaw dropped seeing this amazing closet for the first time in the movie too! 

Can you say "Wizzoow!!"?

However, I honestly prefer the character and intimacy of her old closet.  It looked cozy (albeit, it's still pretty big) and well used. OK, I'll include this one shot of her famous closet from the show and the beginning of the first movie.

And of course, my not-so-faboo-but-I-love-it-anyways closet:

I definitely love that I have the built in lights in the closet going for me.  I can always add those fancy remote controlled drawers and moving racks later.  It will take just a bit of cosmetic work!

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