Friday, April 6, 2012

Travel: Finding the Perfect Plane Outfit, Take One!

Travel: Finding the Perfect Plane Outfit, Take One!

Being an occasional traveler, I have noticed that, with age, I seek more practicality in my travel-wear.  I like being able to pack less and wear an outfit that will be easy for me to go through airport security with the greatest of ease. Oh how you notice how things change when you get older! But, I also want to retain that stylish side as well. Recently my husband and I have been traveling to tropical weather areas when it is really cold in D.C.  I love my long puffy coat but find it very inconvenient to pack or carry around.  So I started loving layers.  Especially since I would only be spending a few minutes in the cold before entering the car or the airport, right?  This is a travel collage I put together on for a great and practical travel outfit when going from cold weather to warm.  

Skinny jeans are great because they can be rolled up capri-style when arriving at your warm destination.  Wearing a sweater and light jacket will keep you warm in the chilly departure area, will pack away easily when you arrive at your vacation destination and will provide you with a warm layer for unexpected cool nights while on vacation.  Ballet flats are helpful with running around an airport and getting to the gate on time.  Oh boy! I only remember too well how many times we have literally had to run to a gate to catch our flight, especially when connecting flights and your first one was delayed!  Finally, a pair of sandals stored in your carry on can be swapped for your flats when arriving at your vacation destination.  

I love getting inspired when I see others traveling in the airport as well, so I am going to keep on updating different travel outfits as I go.  A really great source I check for cute outfits to wear in the airport is's celebrity airport style. While some celebs can afford to travel with 6 inch stilettos, many others (like Emily Blunt for example, whom I have stolen airport travel ideas from) travel in style with a practicality that is so encouraging to everyday folk like myself.  

Travel: Finding the Perfect Plane Outfit, Take One! by sspicknall featuring a button down shirt

Hollister Co button down shirt
$50 -

J Crew t shirt
$25 -

Elie Tahari black jacket
$90 -

Mango slim fit jeans
£45 -

Oasis ballerina flat
$60 -

Oasis leather sandals
$36 -

Mango quilted shoulder bag
£43 -

Abercrombie Fitch cable knit scarve
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