Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cute Idea for a Summer Hairstyle

Let's face it...  There are hair up people and hair down people.  As in, people who like to wear their hair mostly up or people who like to wear their hair mostly down.  I'm a hair up kind of gal myself.  I have mastered the art of the straightening iron with straight and curly styles and can do a mean half updo with a small jaws clip.  But when it comes to other hair styles that require putting any part of my hair up I am totally clueless.

Since I still prefer to wear my hair mostly down, even in the summer heat, I do like to find new ways to look polished without having to use the heat styling tools on my hair on a daily basis.  So I remembered reading a few years ago in Glamour magazine about this cute way to pin your hair up on one side, leaving the other loose.  It's a super cute way to look polished while putting in minimal effort!  All it takes is a bobby pin or two.  (Side bar, a web search for this hairstyle pulled up a post from Glamour magazine online that said this style was back "in," in 2011 because it had been seen a lot on the red carpet... Oh well! I think it's safe to still rock it.)


My hair is parted to the side and I really like to pin back the side of my hair that doesn't have my bangs and to leave my grown out bangs loose.

And here's the other side hangin' loose.  I like to style my bangs on this side and add some volume.

Just one bobby pin is all it takes!  Easy peesy.  You can twist your hair and pin it back or just pin it back as is.  I even tried this style with a small braid in my hair earlier this week.  So cute!

My friend even saw me do this last week and tried it herself.  It looked fantastic!

In case your wondering I didn't catch her by surprise and sneak up behind her!  This shot was planned.


If you like to wear your hair down mostly and want to add in a bit of polished-ness or just want to try a new way to put your hair partially up without having to apply the heat styling tools, take a second look at this one.  It's just as easy to take down if you don't like it as it is to put up.  If you have a side part, play with each side of your hair and see which looks best up.  While I prefer to pin up the side of my hair without my bangs, you may find pinning the other side is more flattering.  Have fun with it!   It's too easy not to try.  I might even use this the next time I style my hair in curls for an event.

Here are some celebs who have rocked this style.  As you can see below, this can be worked into a more elaborate style, such as barrel curls, or looks great just by itself!  Try this one at home... it's a partial updo do!

Ashley Greene

Demi Lovato

Whitney Port

Lauren Conrad

Lauren (or LC if you prefer to call her -- for us Laguna Beach/Hills fans) even pins her hair underneath the rest of her hair falling down so it hides the pin, which is another great technique for this simple, laid back and yet polished but potentially glamorous hairstyle.

If you have an extra bobby pin lying around, give this one a try.  It looks great on pretty much everyone!

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