Here is a little bit more about me in case you're interested:  I'm a daughter, a little sister to two older siblings, one of many (oh so many!) cousins, a wife, a new mom and a cat mom (as you can see from my profile picture).  I have two sweet little rescue kitties; and the new baby makes three adorable--and sometimes naughty--kids!  I'm used to having a big family that's very close!

I work as an attorney with a passion for style, beauty, fashion, shopping and food.  I love dressing up for a day in the office and doing my hair.  I recently cut my hours to about 80% part-time once I had the baby and also started working from home, which makes dressing up for a day in the office easier when I don't have to go in every day.  In fact, the change to my work hours has made my life a whole lot easier in many ways than if I had that extra eight hours a week devoted to work and had to go into the office every day (which usually used to turn into having to work late also).  Accommodating childcare and balancing things at home with work have become a priority and actually feels like a full time job all by itself!  Shew! To get things running, not even running smoothly, just running in general, takes a lot of organization and effort!  We waived goodbye to almost every last block of free time we used to have and accepted the lifestyle change with all the ups and downs along the way.  Taking life as it comes these days has taken a whole new meaning and stressing less as well as going with the flow are becoming more vital to our general survival!  Despite the challenges, we somehow manage, like many other working parents all over the world.  It's not always easy, but becoming a parent has been an extremely joyful experience for the both of us!  I know I've heard the parenting cliches before but they never registered until you realize for yourself that you wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!  Cliche! But very true!

I grew up in Maryland, just a 15 to 20 minute drive from Washington, DC (otherwise known as DC) and I now live in DC with my hubby, two kitties and baby.  I love everything about our area -- known to locals as the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia).  It's not just the stodgy political scene portrayed as on pretty much every television show that was ever based here.  Scandal, West Wing, Homeland, and House of Cards -- yes, I'm looking at you!   A few things I love to do in the area include (but are not limited to): walking around the city (it's highly walkable!); catching a show or concert at the Kennedy Center or at the more informal outdoor Wolf Trap theatre; watching the July 4th fireworks in the National Mall from our building's rooftop; eating Chesapeake Bay blue crabs in the summer;  eating out in Cleveland Park when we want to just walk somewhere close or eating in one of the many fantastic restaurants in and around the city; catching some free jazz concerts in the Smithsonian Sculpture Garden; running in Rock Creek Park (I only go during times when it is crowded -- which is pretty much from sunrise to sundown); going to the National Zoo (for free!) and seeing the pandas; checking out the many free Smithsonian museums downtown (my favorite has always been the Natural History Museum); biking through the city and seeing the monuments; shopping in Tyson's Corner, Georgetown and Friendship Heights; go for a night out in Georgetown and the Georgetown waterfront or in the vibrant and growing 14th Street scene; driving to hang out in Annapolis with my hubby; driving out the the Blue Ridge Mountains or Ocean City for a short vacation just a couple of hours away; touring the local wineries in Northern Virginia with friends; and greeting World War II and Korean War veterans at Reagan National Airport at a few of the many Honor Flights events which fly our older vets into DC to see the memorials dedicated to the wars they fought.

There is so much more to the DMV than meets the eye.  It is a diverse, growing, ever-changing and vibrant area.  There is a somewhat fast-paced East Coast/North United States mentality (especially when commuting to work) but there's also a bit (just a touch) of really sweet Southern-style hospitality mixed in too!  A lot of cultures and backgrounds converge here, and that's what makes it so wonderful to experience.   You can learn so much from your neighbors!  We are white and blue collar, rural farmers, urban farmers (you should see the amazing city garden down the street), avid sports fans, artists, dancers, chefs, foodies, bakers, homemakers, entrepreneurs, politicos, activists, nature lovers, outdoorsy types, city slickers and much, much more! 

Come for the sites but stay for the scene.   This is a unique place but also very familiar in many ways. No matter where you're from, you'll find a touch of home here.

View of the Tidal Basin and Washington Monument during cherry blossom season.  

Cherry Blossom season around the Tidal Basin.  Usually they bloom around March/April and the temperatures are always a little chillier than expected this time of year.  Some years we get lucky and have nice 60 degree days around this time, and other years it could be 40-50 degrees and rainy. You never know what spring will bring! 

View of the back of the Jefferson Memorial.  

Inside the Jefferson Memorial. 

One of the four of the quotes engraved in the walls of Jefferson Memorial.  

A view of the Washington Monument up close and personal.

View of the World War II Memorial (in front with the fountains) and the Lincoln Memorial situated further back beyond the WWII Memorial.  

Biking around the city is a great way to see the sights and get some exercise.  The hardest part was biking all the way home!

View of the monument from the driving range at East Potomac Park.  Just in the off skirts of the city!

John Deere tractors owned by my husband's family, who live just 45 minutes outside of DC.  There is lots of great land to farm out there!

Every morning is better with a heart in your cappuccino.  

Kitty just loves to be held!  Not really.  She's squirming to get free!

An inquisitive kitty saw a bug flying around this lamp and had to investigate.  They keep me on my toes for sure!

The newest (and sweetest!) addition to our family.  

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