Monday, October 15, 2012

Can You Do Me A Flavor?

That's what my brother and I used to say when asking for a favor! Yes it's childish, but we did pick it up as children and just had fun with it for years.  The fun part about having siblings is to have your own sayings and rituals that only your sib could understand!  Anyhoo, I'd like to ask all my readers for a special favor.  Since I don't advertise on my site, I'd really appreciate all who can spread the word about the blog if you like what you see.  This can be by word of mouth, emailing certain posts to friends or posting them on your Facebook page, which I've done a couple of times myself.  If you have a comment, suggestion or even a reader request, please feel free to post in the comment section, which I've opened up to anyone to post.  Let me know what you like and what you'd like to see more of!  Also I will keep updating the polls on the sidebar to include different fun topics. I'm interested in getting to know you too! 

Moving on to the Polyvore collage I've put together below, in honor of the fall I'm creating more and more cold weather looks to get us in the mood for that weather transition.  In DC we're supposed to have a pretty chilly winter compared to last year and I can feel the weather starting to get much colder already!  We went from 70 and 80 degree (Fahrenheit) days to dipping down in the 50's and 60's and even down to the 40's last Friday night.  While the weather is back into the high 60's today, I know it's the calm before the storm.  And because it is so easy to dress warm and cozy in the cold weather while picking our more comfortable fall-back clothing over fashionable pieces (which do require a bit more effort!), I hoped putting together some fall looks will help inspire us all.  Check out the gorgeous burgundy peplum blazer and snazzy driver's cap!  Boy, do I love how Emma Watson pulls of the cap! The tee is from Anthropologie and I had seen it in a catalog, paired with blue cropped pants and, since I loved it so much, I had to try and recreate a similar look here.  How do you like it?  Are there any fall trends your particularly into or any fall staples that you believe will always be in fashion?  I'm loving the equestrian/flat heeled boots which had been around for a while but are really prominent this season.  Fashion staples for me include long sleeve tees and knee high boots.  While the style of the boots will change over time in heel height and thickness and from pointy toe to round toe, in the past decade I've always had at least one pair of knee high boots for the colder weather.

Fall Classy

Corset shirt

Dorothy Perkins peplum jacket

NYDJ slim fit jeans

Armani Jeans patent leather handbag
$250 -



  1. your request is my command! i just tweeted your "back to school" post, loved it!

  2. Thanks Bean! Those are both such great outfits, I wonder why I don't dress like that more often :)