Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Winter Beauty Idea: Mixing blues and greens

Hello to all, and to all a wonderful holiday season!  I apologize for the lack of personalized posts this month with my own pictures, however, once things slow down from the holiday season and get back on track in January, I'll be all yours again!

Till then, I couldn't help but share this wonderful idea I put together on Polyvore for a great makeup look, inspired by the model below!  Mixing bright green and blue together to define the eyes.   I think this is a great makeup trick to try for New Years this year if you plan on going out.  And no, I actually don't think being over 30 rules one out of this look because, although it is youthful, the choice of greens and blues and application can be very sophisticated.  Last night my husband and I went out to dinner and I had played around with some eye pencils in olive and a darker turquoise which I tried blending together.  The olive is more muted and the turquoise isn't a very bright shade so they were a bit more subtle, though very unique!  I used the green on the inside portion of my eye (both on top and bottom) and used the turquoise from the middle part of my upper eyelid all the way to the crease and came back around the bottom eyelid until it met up with the olive green closer to the inside part of the eyelid, near the bridge of the nose.  I then smudged them together with a brush and "voila!" a beautiful and colorful way to highlight my eyes was born!  Of course, you can use a bold green eyeshadow to line your eyes, if you have one, and add a blue eyeshadow into the eye crease and along the bottom edge for a more dramatic look, just like the model below.  Also topping this off with a light blush and pale pink/neutral lips is key so that the eyes really stand out!  Don't forget to curl the lashes and pile on enough mascara so you can actually see them too. Watch out for spider eyes!  You know the spider eyes people right?  The girl with so much mascara clumped on her eyes it looks as if she has only four or five really big, fat, triangular lashes.  Oh yeah! That person!  That much mascara actually looks really uncomfortable and is usually accompanied by constant blinking (probably because that much mascara is irritating).  But she apparently has no idea.  Not a clue!  And boy! As much as you want to say something, you know its not your place. Definitely keep an eye out for that!

Adding in sparkly green nail polish over blue nail polish with one "accent nail" as shown in the collage below, also helps accentuate the color from the eyes.  An accent nail is really hot these days, highlighting one nail on each hand a bit differently than the others.  In this case, the accent nail below demonstrates the blue part of the nail showing with only a touch of green sparkles at the top.  This look actually works perfectly if you're wearing a neutral dress in black, grey, silver or gold, etc. (we know how many people dress in sequins on New Years Eve!). The best part of this look is that you're able to add in color to a neutral ensemble in a creative way rather than searching for a pop of color in your wardrobe that might not otherwise work with your look. 

Finally, if you're going out and want to change up your hairstyle, check out the one in the collage below.  I love how it looks a bit undone but still put together and polished.  It's hard to do this type of style yourself but a low ponytail, twisted around itself (see the video below), with a braid added to the end can mimic this style easily.

Check out this tutorial on doing a simple ponytail twist yourself!

I hope you enjoy the holidays and have a wonderful and happy New Year!   Also if you tried any of these styles and tricks, let me know in the comments section below.  I'd love to see how others put their own spin on things!

Winter Beauty Idea: Mixing blues and greens

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Dots of Style

Falling in love with this polka dot shift dress with lots of style (or dots of style, if you prefer!) is not very hard to do.  Polka dots are great prints year round and can go with tons of things.  I love the details on this dress, available at ModCloth, because they're very girly and unique. I love the ruffled/ruched cap sleeves, the deep V-neck and the cinched in waist.  All are very feminine details that work well with any body shape!  A nip in the waist and a ruffled sleeve in a simple but chic print can do wonders for any woman looking to dress up their day to day wear.  This would also be a super cute look to wear for going out on a dinner date or brunch and if you pair it with a cami, it can be appropriate enough for meeting the future in-laws and even family events!  Picture a red cami underneath this dress, paired with black tights and flats and you have a wonderful holiday outfit!

I'm also really digging the simple earrings, chain/leather bracelet and rocker necklace!  That necklace is such a statement, you definitely don't need bigger earrings than studs to go with it.  And since the dress is in a neutral shade, adding a colorful handbag or shoes would really stand out.  In a good -- no -- in a great way! 

I also love how you can pair a lower priced dress with fabulous and luxurious  accessories to amp this up.  How do you like it?  Is there an article of clothing you've just been dying for but still admire from afar as I do with this dress?  One day I might actually decide to buy it if its still available! 

Dots of StyleFal

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Engagement Bling

At some point in time we've all admired engagement rings and thought about what our own would be.  With all the buzz over Angelina and Jen's upcoming nuptials and their engagement bling I wondered when stars (and some of us non stars) would stop trying to go bigger and bigger until you can weight lift the rock itself, and just pick something that's just gorgeous, rather than just big enough to sink the Titanic. (Cough! Avril Lavigne! Cough! Bennifer! Just for starters!)

While I think a beautiful big diamond is a show stopper and just lovely (mine is also unexpectedly bigger than I'd originally imagined), size is not the most impressive thing.  Actually, more intriguing to me are the stories behind the rings and any other details in the settings and accents of the rings.  We know Brad took a lot of time to create the ring for Angie, so while it might not be everyone's taste, it's really meaningful to them.  And I'd be really interested to see what the full story behind Justin Thoreux's choice of ring for Jen was.  Take a look at Kate Middleton's, ahem! Katherine's (the Duchess of Cambridge) ring!  Yes, it is a large royal jewel but the idea behind it is beautiful and atypical from being just another gigantic diamond, which we all know Prince William could have afforded.  Not only is it significant to him by being his mother's ring, it's a beautiful sapphire flanked by a diamond halo in a classic shape (oval) .  I found some incredibly sweet and beautiful rings in my search and showcased them in the Polyvore collage below!  Take a look for yourself.  Does this change your mind on what you thought you always wanted or peak your interest in perhaps getting an anniversary ring or band that is different from your own engagement ring?  I found it amazing how many pretty non-conventional options there were and am still amazed by how beautiful a classic diamond solitaire (some with thoughtful details flanking the sides) always looks! Below are my favorites of the bunch and include lovely engraving details, delicately twisted shanks, interesting diamond halos and side diamond features, lovely precious gemstones and pretty metal combinations like rose gold, yellow gold, white gold and platinum.

Of course, the choice is not always up to us, right?  When I had been dating my husband for a while I'd looked up a bunch of beautiful rings and told him I wanted an antique style ring from my favorite site.  A solitaire diamond with a diamond band and engraving on the sides.

Except he thought it was "an old ring" and was not impressed.

This is the ring he ended up picking out however:

Just taken the weekend after I got engaged!

This is the blurry iPhone photo I had sent to all my friends letting them know we were finally engaged from the restaurant we were eating in, just after my husband proposed.  

Taken earlier this year for my post on Sally Hanson Nail Polish Strips.  I'm still loving the ring and the matching band! 

I noticed the shape and style were very similar to the one I originally liked, minus the engraving on the sides!  Perhaps I influenced my ring choice after all!  I absolutely love this ring and no matter what, I'd have loved it as a gesture from my husband telling me how much I meant to him and how he wanted us to spend our lives together.

As long as your ring has significance to you, that's all that matters, not the size of the center stone or the amount of diamonds in it.  I find some of the most "engaging" engagement rings are ones with classic lines or thoughtful details -- a colored stone, engraving, a classic solitaire set beautifully or even a different metal.

Engagement Bling

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Wish List

'Tis the season to think about the holidays, whether you celebrate or not, everyone gets some time off right?  Mazel tof!! Happy holidays to all -- Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, Kwanzaa -- whatever you celebrate enjoy it all!  Growing up, my family did not celebrate any of the holidays around this time of year except New Years, which consisted of staying up late with Dick Clark! That was pretty awesome for me.  While I may have missed the presents my classmates received or the amazing vacations they went on, I really didn't mind so much and enjoyed the time off.  And there was always New Year's Rocking Eve waiting for me!

When my husband and I got married, we got to share a lot of family time together with each others families celebrating different things and learning from different cultures.  My husband's family celebrates Christmas and there are a lot of new things for me to learn about celebrating with them.  The good news is, since my husband has been doing this forever, he takes charge of buying the gifts for his family, which is a relief!  I wouldn't even know where to start.  I'm in charge of his gifts however, which is always challenging enough.  We usually are good at dropping hints and guessing but this year, he sent me a list of stuff to get for him if I didn't have any ideas.  My first reaction was "Huh? I don't need this! I always find you great gifts!"  That takes all the fun out of it for me to see how surprised he is when he opens his presents! I love surprises but, unfortunately he does not, which always ends up causing trouble because I keep the surprises from him and he always tells me about something I wished was a surprise.  D'oh!  There is an upside to a list however, it makes it much easier to shop for the person.  Then I thought, perhaps if I gave him at least an expansive list of things I was interested in, he can pick from them and I can get good presents and still be somewhat surprised!  So I emailed him back a list of things, just in case he didn't have any idea of what I may want this year.  While I tried to stay practical, this is also a great time to ask for things I might not be ready to buy myself -- like high end designer sunglasses for example!  I might like them, but I don't think I'm ready to spend that much on them just yet.

So my list included 5 things.  Here is how I actually wrote them out in my email:

1.       A sleeker/shorter puffy coat in XS – maybe with a  cinched waist/belt
2.       Designer sunglasses like Chanel or Bulgari
3.       Cold Weather boots  - non ugly ones – size 8
4.       Cute and cozy lounge wear 
5.    A sewing machine

 A new puffy coat that's not as bulky as my old one would be an awesome gift for me since I hate the cold but love to be fashionable.  I used to think mine was great but after a few years, it's definitely become a more practical, less stylish choice and has been referred to as a sleeping bag. But boy is it warm!  Unfortunately when the cold hits, my style goes out the window in efforts to just stay warm and hibernate until the spring!

Also, after wearing the same winter boots for years, mine recently are starting to come apart.  Actually, the last time I had worn them, it took two of us to try and pry them off,  which never happened before! And the bottom part of the sole started coming off from the rest of the boot shaft. Crazy! I think that means these ones are almost done for. Finding cute ones that fit my aesthetic though will be a challenge because I'm really not into Uggs.  Never have been, never will.  Hence the specific "non ugly ones" reference in my list!  I feel the same way about Uggs as I do about Toms shoes.  *Shudder*  Hideous!

Some cute lounge wear is always a must since I love to be comfortable at home.  Don't those slipper socks and sweats look so cozy?  And a sewing machine is great because I've started taking sewing lessons and would love to make clothing in the future.  Maybe even for my own boutique retail store someday!  Dreaming keeps hope alive!

Anyhoo, that's my list. Short and sweet.  What's on yours?  Anything special you've been eying for a while? Any special family plans or trips?  This was also always a favorite time of year for my family to just get together since we all had time off. 

Don't worry, my husband won't read this blog entry until long after Christmas with his work schedule this time of year. 

Holiday Wish List