Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Clothing Craving: The Sequin Pencil Skirt

I have to admit.  My first reaction when I opened the J. Crew Catalog and saw a green sequin pencil skirt on the model was sticker shock!  It cost $695!  For a trend I wasn't even sure I would be able to wear more than maybe once.

First, there was the embellishment to consider.  The distinctive green, when paired with sequins ruled it out of a work staple or a weekend staple.  On the rare occasions I would go out, I could not imagine many of them working with a green sequin pencil skirt either.  Particularly if there was no big fancy place to wear it to.  I'm sure someone with more creativity could fit this in anywhere, but for me I couldn't figure out how I could even make a trend like that work.  Even within my south asian heritage where I am engrossed in embellished bright outfits, I couldn't wrap my mind around this for a while.

Second, there was the price.  I'm not sure about this, but as a 31 year old who just started a career about five years ago and has an enormous amount of law school loan repayments, condo fees, and mortgage payments, I had to ask myself this:  Am I supposed to be able to afford this?  I guess if someone my age has been working right out of college, got a large law firm job after law school, just finished a medical residency program and was finally getting paid or got a bomb-diggity job and was raking in the dough, this would be totally normal.  But then again, if I could afford it, I would have to really reason over the practicality of wearing it enough to have it been worth the price.

After all that analysis though, I actually just started loving this skirt!  I threw all my questions out of the window.  I mean, the sequins were a non-conventional choice for a pencil skirt but I really dig this look.  It's fun!  Of course the price still separated me from that exact skirt from J. Crew but amazingly, I found a plethora of sequin pencil skirts in different price ranges and colors to drool over.  Even that rainbow one catches my eye.  Check out the sequin pencil skirts I found below on and see what you think about this look.  Do you dig it or ditch it?

Clothing Craving: The Sequin Pencil Skirt

J Crew long skirt
$695 -

J Crew sequin pencil skirt
$100 -

ASOS pencil skirt
$72 -

ASOS pencil skirt
$54 -

Sequin skirt
€40 -

True Decadence sequin pencil skirt
£15 -

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