Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Fun: Taupe and Turquoise

In honor of my upcoming babymoon next week I wanted to leave you with a summer beachy look that even us preggos can pull off and look chic.  I love adding in some jewelry (like those fun bracelets) with beachwear.  Just remember to take the jewelry off if you're seriously sunbathing or swimming but for walking around and lounging in the shade, adding some accessories (hat, sunglasses, bracelets or a necklace) is always a fun way to punch up your beach casual look.

 More to come... I promise I won't go so long without a post next time :)

Summer Fun: Taupe and Turquoise

Pink dress
$105 -

T-strap shoes

Ray Ban ray ban optical
$180 -

Charlotte Russe straw fedora

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Date Night: Peplum, Lace, Stripes

How much do I love this outfit? Let me count the ways.

  1. The peplum
  2. The lace
  3. The fabulous green color
  4. The lace on the shoes
  5. The funky, cool and fitted black and white blazer. 
  6. The peacock earrings with the same shade of green and surrounding gold.
  7. The gold chains comprising the necklace.  
  8. The black and white, patent leather clutch! So fab!
  9. The fact that this outfit is a bit formal, a bit sexy, a bit funky and a bit cool without trying to hard.
 So far I counted nine ways. But the more I look, the more I find to love! *Sigh*  I cannot wait to be able to wear something similar like this on a night out.  I bought a funky black and white striped blazer last year from Modcloth and it's one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe, although I haven't figured out exactly how to "work it" yet.  This gives me a new idea!

Date Night: Peplum, Lace, Stripes

Lacy dress
$73 -

Warehouse ponte jacket
$38 -

Patent handbag

Beaded bib necklace

Summery chic

As you may have noticed, I've been a bit MIA from blogging in the past couple months.  Mainly because I was so tired from work and pregnancy that I had a hard time doing anything at home but catching up on rest!  I promise I have a million and one ideas yet to post here so I have no where near dried up on my material yet.  Although posts might be a little fewer and far between, I thought I'd give you some much awaited for outfit eye candy to get your minds focused on summer wear. 

What can I say about this look except that I love how elegant and simple it is.  Dressed up but a bit casual, this can go from a daytime affair to a night out.  I am totally in love with white pants -- summer or winter -- because they always look so fresh and so crisp!  I definitely don't follow the from Memorial Day to Labor Day only white pants rule, so feel free to rock them out when you want to freshen up your style.  Particularly because there are so many great winter whites, how could you possible neglect white in the winter if you see something cute? Go for it!

I also think the top is elegantly sexy and sophisticated.  Adding in the lemon yellow really brings the summer into it all.  And then I thought, "Oh heck! why not add in some fun pistachio/minty hues in the accessories too?"  So that's what I went for.  Overall I would love to be able to pull this off at some chic daytime event like an outdoor sporting fundraiser or something along those lines.  I also love the model's hair tied back off of her face.  Although I'm a hair down gal, I can really dig how putting your hair up looks cleaner with this type of outfit. 

White pants are one of my favorite summer obsessions, what are yours??

Summery chic

Halter top

Farhi by nicole farhi

Gianvito Rossi high heels

Stud earrings