Monday, April 30, 2012

White House Correspondents Dinner 2012

DC was buzzing this weekend with the one event that draws in all the stars in their red carpet finery.  The White House Correspondents Dinner!  Also known as the "Nerd Prom" in the blogosphere -- which I highly resent!  Why can we not have a fashionable event that honors more than just the same old entertainment standards?  Adding in some journalists and politicians is exciting to me.  One can get really tired of the consecutive award show red carpets in which the honors and awards begin to overlap and who is wearing who starts to get a bit boring...  Combining fashion, celebrities, journalists, news personalities and politicians is anything but nerdy, it's downright fabulous!  After all, they're not slow dancing to the Star Wars theme music (which I also think would be pretty cool... ah, my inner nerdlinger cannot be silenced).  There!  I said my part and can move on.

The amount of celebs attending and wearing beautiful gowns was a sight to see.  And there were so many wonderful fashion choices! As well as a couple of misses here and there. but overall, everyone seemed to look very well put together and styled to perfection.  It's so exciting for us DC fashionistas since this doesn't happen every day!

Check out the slide show below.  Apparently black was the most polar choice, followed by green, white and red, with a few embellished dresses, silver, blue, prints, pastels and brights thrown in for good measure.  And yes, I do realized the pictures below include both Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johanssen attending from different years.  Let's get this show on the road!

I realize these pictures are a bit on the teeny side so feel free to click on them to get a larger view in Polyvore! Also of note, these photos on Polyvore were mostly provided by Getty and Just Jared.  Happy viewing. 

Lovely Ladies in White: Look at these gorgeous gals. Check out the sweet and sexy white satin number Claire Danes is wearing. It's fitting that she is attending this event since her series Homeland (which I've recently discovered and am now hooked on!) is based in the DC area.  Eva Longoria is fresh and sweet in her cocktail length dress and up-do.  Kate Upton (of Sports Illustrated fame) is still sexy in a toned down, long sleeve gown and balances out the demure look with leaving her hair down. Great choice.  Malin Akerman takes a risk with an oddly shaped boob-cup bodice, but I love how the bottom of the dress fits her shape.  I know she doesn't have gigantic boobs, but that neckline is killing me!  I just think it would be a lot better if she didn't have that huge space between the boobs showing.  That's just a super wide expanse of real estate there...   Just my two cents. But I do like that look she was going for with a slightly more tailored/less plunging neckline...  Just an inch more material covering the very open middle area...  That's all!  Of course Ginnefer Goodwin is going to take a more fashion-forward (is that what you would call it?) approach.  She seems to accomodate her style for those who really appreciate a more editorial fashion approach (Thank you Project Runway, Tyra Banks and the Devil Wears Prada (both the movie and book) for teaching me so much about fashion and about editorial versus commercial).  Her dress is a bit bridal (Actually this might inspire a whole new crop of ruffled bottom high neck dresses!) but I really like it.  This dress may actually be a bit more gray in person but it reads white in pictures.

Basic Black:  Black was in and I must say these ladies rocked it!  Of note, Both Reese Witherspoon and Anna Paquin are looking gorgeous and, might I add, pretty slim in their black gowns although they're both expecting (babies!). They are definitely doing a great job at selecting the right gowns for their growing figures.  Sofia Vergara, Charlise Theron and Elle Macpherson are looking gorgeous as usual.  Goldie Hawn is rocking a cute little stole over her shoulders which I think is great for her age, not wanting to show too much although she definitely could.  Even Lindsay (Lohan) is trying! Keep on going girl!  It's going to be a long way back to restoring what she lost of her "star power" with her antics in the past few years but she's doing OK so far.  Baby steps girl, baby steps...  And then there is Sigourney Weaver...  She pretty much kicked butt in Alien and Aliens so I can give her a pass, but not without at least saying "C'mon! You can do better!"

Green with Envy:  These dresses are pretty much OKon all four ladies from the front view. But looking at Kim's from the back (no, not just because of her booty! sheesh!) and Rosario's from the side view, these two actually look a lot more figure flattering.   In the front shots of these two, I thought that Kim's was kinda of blah, and the middle part of Rosario's dress had a stuffed sausage vibe going on, which is ridiculous because she has a FABULOUS figure and beautiful face.  I wish Rosario would wear her hair a different way though.  And in case you're wondering who the other two are, that's Gayle King on the far left and Rashida Jones on the far right.

UPDATE:  Okay now seeing Rosario's dress again on the show Fashion Police on E!, I realized that she is showing way-ay-ay-ay too much cleavage for that to be appropriate for a White House dinner event, or really, for any red carpet event.  The girls look almost alien!

Ravishing in Red: These ladies all rocked this color.  Although Kris Jenner's hair is doing its own strange standing up on its own thing, I like the red dress on her.  Viola Davis and Elizabeth Banks rocked this color and their looks. Both dress shapes work for their bodies.

And the Rest:  Kate Hudson, Dakota Fanning, Ivanka Trump, Zooey Deschanel, First Lady Michelle Obama and Kerry Washington are stunning.  I would copy any of these ladies styles and know I got it right!  Barbara Walters did pretty well too and looks great for her age. I mean really, she's been a household name for years before I was even born.  She picked a good color and style for her body too!  Alicia Keys is just a gorgeous woman but her look was a little too casual for me.  Sorry girl!  I still love your voice!  I can't forget the cute little dog -- you're workin' that scarf pup!

Finally check out some of the night's super hot men! Stephen Moyer (I love him as Vampire Bill on True Blood and when he utters "Sookie" in that really low voice...oh boy!), Jimmy Kimmel, and our Commander in Chief all rock a traditional black tux.  Although I love Gorgeous George's look with the slim black tie.  He always manages a classic debonair style that's effortless.  Here, he looks like he is having a blast.  Of course I had to include a photo of Kim with Kanye, which was taken the day after.  He definitely owns his personal style.  I like the casual urban vibe he's wearing for a day out with his lady!

So what do you have to say about the so-called "Nerd Prom?"  Nerdy? I think not!  This event oozes all that style and grace which is to be expected when stars from different worlds collaborate for a unique affair.  You can learn more about this history of this event here.

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