Saturday, May 19, 2012

Leah Michelle and Nina Dobrev at the Met Gala 2012

Looking for a wow dress?  Leah Michelle and Nina Dobrev wowed me with their all over sequin gowns at the 2012 Met Gala.  While it will be a while before more varieties of the all over sequin gown comes within the budgets of the masses, myself included, I found a couple of fun dresses that fit within the spirit of the looks that Leah and Nina totally rocked!

First we have Nina in her sequin, one shoulder, gown (albeit, with a tiny spaghetti strap holding up the other side) looking gorgeous and dazzling!  This girl looks good in pretty much anything but I love that she always makes an effort.  I found a couple of gorgeous sequin one-shoudler gowns from a range of price points.  Of course you won't find a look exactly like Nina's yet, but give the stores a while to catch up.  I can see these gowns becoming more and more popular for formal affairs.  Sequins have transcended from performance and sometimes tacky outfits into everyday casual glam looks and cocktail dresses.  Its just a matter of time before more people start rocking these all over sequin gowns to formal holiday parties, weddings, formals, fundraisers, etc.

Below Nina we have Leah looking fantastic in a figure flattering, sequin, halter gown.  Classic elegance.  Check out how close that Donna Karan dress I found matches Leah's silhouette.

Personally, I don't have anywhere to wear either of these dresses but I could find something just so I could wear one of these out somewhere!  Heck, I'd host a formal barbecue if I could get an excuse to wear a dress like one of these!

Leah Michelle and Nina Dobrev at the Met Gala 2012

Donna Karan sleeved dress
$3,495 -

Angel Sanchez sequin dress
$139 -

Aidan Mattox Niteline sequin dress
$200 -

Donna Karan one shoulder dress
$3,605 -

Sequin evening gown
$370 -

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