Thursday, August 9, 2012

An Ode To True Friends

While on my usual morning walk from the Metro station to the office this week, I got to thinking about friends and friendship.  Yes, I have plenty of time for that before I get to work.  I also started feeling that, in the age of emails, texting and Facebook, sometimes it's hard to separate out your "friends" and acquaintances from your true friends and it's even harder to discover who your true friends are in the mix.  Some friends end up being so busy, or saying they are so busy, that you rarely ever see them more than once a year no matter how close you live near each other. 

We all have people who've made an impact in our lives at different stages.  Some who we keep in touch with and others who've moved on from us or those who we have moved on from, and that's OK!   Remembering those who were there for you through the good and bad at different times in our lives helps us realize a lot about ourselves and our friendships with others.

What is a true friend?  After spending time with some of mine at a bachelorette party this past weekend I've come to really appreciate those who have always been there for me and wanted to dedicate the following silly, nonsensical, heartfelt ode to them.

Dear Friend, 

Thank you for all you do

You were there when I needed you

You let me cry on your shoulder and didn't flinch when I also wiped my nose on your sleeve

You listened without judgment

You told me when you thought I was wrong but never attacked me for it

You came to pick me up when I needed a ride, even though it was completely out of the way

You emailed me back

You called me back

You texted me back

You emailed, texted or left a voice-mail to let me know you would get back to me when you had more time 

When you call, we can pick up right where we left off in the last conversation

You made time for me, no matter how busy you seemed to be

You didn't limit your contact to social media

You supported my decisions and let me learn my own lessons

You gave advice but never pushed me to take it

You let me vent my frustrations without interruption and even backed me up in times when you knew I was acting silly... You knew I would figure that out when I calmed down

You respected my opinions, even when you didn't agree

When we make plans, they're not always on your terms

You understand the meaning of mutual respect

A compliment from you is true praise and not just an empty statement

When we celebrate our achievements together, big or small, your genuine happiness is evident

You laugh at my jokes first... and then tell me they're cheesy

 If you haven't heard from me in a while, you won't hold it against me

You knew when the perfect time was to provide comic relief to a situation 

 When I've contacted you and was completely upset, you've dropped everything to console me

You always seem to know what I'm thinking or feeling without being told

You are there to stand by me, even if you're thousands of miles away

You'll always make time for your friends, no matter what else is going on

You are genuine

You are considerate

You are truly happy for your friends when good things happen for them

You don't judge or criticize the choices your friends make

Whether it was a graduation, a huge exam, getting into school, a wedding, a baby, a new career, or tragedy, you were always there for me through all life's moments

Reciprocity isn't just a big word, it's a cornerstone of our relationship

You know exactly how to console me, either with a favorite food, be it Vietnamese or chicken wings, or a great anecdote

You have other good friends, but that has never affected our special bond

You will always have a special place in my heart... I may have referred to you as a best-ie, a BFF, or a sibling but your relationship to me is truly priceless

Thank you for being a true friend. 

Here is a special song just for you, my dear true friends!  Hopefully we'll be this feisty when we're older...

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