Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Olive and Purple for the Fall

As the not-so-subtle back to school ads invade our television with still a month left of summer, we are all reminded that fall is just around the corner!  Boo!  Just kidding!  While I love summer and abhor winter, I've taken a liking to the fall.  Especially since I'm not on a school schedule anymore. 

Fall fashion is always huge too.  People start itching to wear those blazers, tights, sweaters and boots again. 

I thought I'd share a fall preview look, evoking stylish fall-esque colors like olive and purple while still keeping the breezy summer-ness in the style of the dress with the sleeveless top and in the open-toe pump.  I absolutely love purple in the fall!   And I love how the handbag includes just a hint of the olive in the handle.  While these pieces are not the most affordable, I was hoping to focus more on color to get us all in the mood for the upcoming fall looks.  I hope you enjoy!

Taking this look into early fall, when the temperature drops slightly but you don't need a coat yet, is easy when you add in a black tweed blazer and black tights or you can top it with a fabulous trench and grey tights.  

 That being said, keep enjoying those barbeques and pool parties as long as you can.  In DC, I think the weather will let us party like it is summertime all through September! 

Olive and Purple for the Fall


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