Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Instant Manicure: Easy Peasy Nailpolish Strips

Just a few weeks ago, I thought about giving these Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips a try.  I had seen them advertised and loved the idea of just sticking some pre-cut nail polish strips on my nails with no mess or drying time.

So I checked out my local CVS to see what they had there and read the instructions on the Nail Polish Strips box and gauge how easy it would actually be.

From the display, it looked like they came in a variety of colors, styles and designs.

So I decided to go with sparkly pink for a first time.  It looked easy enough from the box instructions.

Here's what's on the inside.  The nail strips, a file, and a cuticle pushy thing-a-ma-jigy.

And of course, more detailed instructions... But they still don't look too bad.

OK, so in my excitement, I laid everything out nicely and neatly in front of me.

Basically, you clean and file your nails first (I kind of skipped over the filing part, and using nail polish remover to completely clean them! whoops!).  Then you're ready for the strips.  Just peel off the backing and it should stick right to the nail.  Then you're supposed to file off the excess.  So that's what I did and here are the results from Trial #1:

Hmm, that doesn't look right.  It doesn't even look like I could file the excess off because it was so plastic-y.  After reading the instructions again, however, I realized that this plastic-y excess on the top part there was actually another backing that needed to be peeled off!   Sheesh!  Note to all trying this at home:  Read the instructions thoroughly and basically, don't forget to peel off both sides of the nail polish strip. Trial #2 looked more like what I'd expect the nail polish strip to be.  The excess hanging off was easy to deal with.

While the instructions tell us to file off the excess, I found it easier to pull it down toward the edge of the nail which basically cuts it off mostly.  It was flexible so you could push it down and basically pull the end like that.  I folded the little bit leftover under the nail and used the file to get rid of that.  With any that hangs over the cuticles, I just used the wooden thing-a-ma-jigy to help trim off those bits.  It came off pretty clean.

Ta-da! One down, nine to go!

Two down! Eight to go!

One hand down! One more to go!

I got the hang of it after playing around with the first hand.  It was a lot easier to work on my other hand.  It took maybe 20-30 minutes after reading the instructions, messing up, and redoing the first nail again and the rest of my nails.  Not too shabby with the learning curve included!  After the second hand was finished I just LOOOOOOVED how it came out.  Now it was time to admire the end results.  I could not stop admiring my nails the first few days.  Here I am posing with my Kindle.

Admiring my instant mani while typing.

And here I am doing the dishes!  Love those nails.

After putting these to the test,  they actually do not chip for a while and lasted up to almost two weeks before I decided to change them out for a sparkly gold color that I'm wearing right now and in the middle of my second week with.  For $10 this is a great idea for anyone who needs a clean, manicured look for a certain occasion.  You don't get all the frills with the manicure, or a massage, but the price and lack of drying time is making this a favorite go-to product of mine.  With a wedding this weekend I'm going to try the sparkly blue ones next. Then hopefully I'll get over my sparkly fetish!

The review is in and these nail polish strips are easy to apply and look AWESOME.  They are definitely worth a try!

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