Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DC Commuter Style: The Chic and Mystique

There are some trends I've noticed on the streets of DC that I absolutely love and some I'm a bit puzzled over.

The silky, breezy blouse tucked into pants or a skirt is a timeless, classic look I never tire of and which is by no means distinctive just to DC.  But boy to DC ladies love this look!  I'm really impressed by the ladies who pull this off with ease and sophistication, while I know I would be struggling to keep tucking that sucker into my pants or skirt. If you're someone looking for an easy, classic and sophisticated look, are out of ideas and don't want to go too over the top, try this one out.  It's always a do!

Check out these easy breezy blouses from  The top two are by Rachael Zoe, and a bit pricey but I love how these look!  The bottom left one is by Halogen and and is on sale right now for $33!  Grab it quick ladies. I'm actually wearing a cream printed version of this exact blouse today, tucked into brown capris, which I do keep fussing with and tucking back in periodically.  The bottom right one is also by Halogen and is a great look for summer.  Although, I am still eying those two Rachael Zoe tops!  They're styled so well! This is DC chic at its best. 

Rachel Zoe 'Eleanor' Pleated Shawl Collar BlouseRachel Zoe 'Maryna' Side Placket Blouse

Then there are the more questionable trends.  I was browsing through one of  Nordstrom's shoe departments and stumbled upon an entire display of Tom's shoes.  I quickly passed over them because they just looked like an adult version of the canvas Keds I used to wear from third grade through fifth grade, except they just weren't as cute to me.  But I did see tons of women that were interested in buying a pair, which baffled me.  As comfortable as they might be, couldn't a comfortable pair of ballet flats do the trick?  Even more puzzling to me was that, a few weeks later, I started seeing these shoes on women all over the Metro system, in the stations and on the trains.  I still don't get it. What is the appeal?  It cannot be just aesthetic.  

I mean, look at them:  

TOMS 'Classic' Canvas Slip-On (Women)

Hideous right?  What is that tucking effect all the way at the toe end?  Is that just pure laziness?  It looks like the shoe ate a lemon and has a sour pucker!  These shoes are such a mystery to me.  I cannot figure out the appeal.  Hence, the "mystique" in the title of this post.  Like, they thought they would just charge a high price for a casual comfortable shoe and tuck the canvas in at the end of the shoe rather than trying to create a smooth edge?  That just irks me!   I mean look how much cuter Keds are. 

Champion Slip On
Available at Keds online

And I only wore these as a kid!  Even this black shoe below is much cuter and more like a cute ladies commuter shoe. Why isn't this more trendy here? 

Available at Keds online

To their credit, I saw a girl yesterday walking in these Tom's shoes that I thought looked nicer than the flat monstrosity above, but not by much.  There's just something funny about how far back the canvas goes over the forefoot, which makes it look much less flattering to me.  If there was an odd spot on a foot for a shoe to end, I think they've discovered it and somehow marketed that into an "it" shoe. 

Available at Norstrom online

 My apologies to anyone who absolutely looooves these shoes!  I know how particular tastes in footwear are and can understand the comfort point of view.  Might I suggest, if you are looking for an alternative to the Tom's brand with similar styling and comfort, how about checking these out:

Keds flat at Keds online
Puma Winning Diva Ballerina Flats at Puma online.  Super cute!

Naturalizer 'Yesenia' Flat
Naturalizer flat at Nordstrom online

Ivanka Trump 'Edian' Sandal (Exclusive Color)
Ivanka Trump wedge at Nordstrom online
Sperry Top-Sider® 'Southhampton' Wedge Sandal
Sperry Topsiders at Norstrom online - Adorable!
Tory Burch Criss Cross Espadrille Wedge
Tory Burch espadrilles at Nordstrom online

Via Spiga 'Quip' Espadrille
Via Spiga wedge at Nordstrom online. I might have to buy these!

By the way, those yellow Tory Burch espadrilles are normally almost $200 but are half off in a size 9 at Nordstrom's!  If you're willing to pay from $65 up to $80 for some of the Tom's espadrilles, these are a great deal!

There you have it.  Just a few things that contribute to DC commuter chic...and mystique.  Keep styling ladies! 

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