Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summer Office Glamazon

With  summer winding down, it's time to get the most out of what's left in your warm weather gear before having to trade it in for the cold weather looks in fall.  Take this time to look through your wardrobe and put together your most glamorous summer looks from what you have in there.  I know you can do it !

Why not pull out that summery blouse you've only worn once or twice so far and pair it with a fabulous skirt.  If you have a colorful skirt, now's the time to work it.  I love the cobalt blue and yellow combo below.  Jazz up the look with some colorful accessories, a coral wedge perhaps?  Maybe some cute and colorful stud earrings?  And tie it all together with a structured blazer -- you know, just for wearing inside the cold air conditioned temperatures, and to make that sleeveless top into a bit more professional look in the office.  Pair with your favorite necklace, cuff and bag and you're almost there! Now you just gotta figure out how to wear your hair.  I'm a fain of loose and down but a simple updo, ponytail or bun would look just as fab.  If your updo is a bit messy, that's all the better! The less styled, the more effortless chic you look!

Go ahead and work your wardrobe to the max and pull out some combos you haven't tried before!  You'll be amazed what you can come up with when you release your inner glamazon!  Just a bit of effort a couple of times a week will make a huge difference.  Happy wardrobe hunting!

Summer Office Glamazon

Soaked in Luxury ruffle top
$54 -

$86 -

French Connection lace skirt

High heels

Satchel bag

Pearl jewelry

Hive Honey wire jewelry

Dorothy Perkins stud earrings

Cat eye sunglasses

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