Friday, June 15, 2012

Virginia Vineyard Tour Bachelorette Party

As I mentioned before, back in early May I went to a bachelorette party/bridal shower in Northern Virginia.  It was really unique to combine both events into one.  First we did a limo tour to a few of Virginia's vineyards in the Leesburg area and then came back to one of the bridesmaid's homes for dinner and the bridal shower.

I loved the idea of doing something during the day for a bachelorette party.  Perhaps it my age or the amount of bachelorette parties I've been to before, but doing something different is always a plus and something relaxing is a nice alternative to the going out to party norm of many bachelorette parties.  Don't get me wrong!  I love doing that stuff too!  In fact, that was what my bachelorette party in Vegas was all about and it was fabulous!  But this was a really nice change of pace!

The organizer of the whole shebang actually picked out the places we were heading to and made appointments for us to pass through them during the day.  She also made some delicious snacks for the limo ride.  Great idea!  There were mini sandwiches, cookies, fruit with cheese and crackers, popcorn, etc.  All great choices for eight girls who were going to be hungry during the ride!

Here are some photos I took of these rustic and gorgeous vineyard properties.  They had great views and fabulous weather.  All in all it was a great time!

First we dropped by Dry Mill, which was quaint, rustic and cozy.

I love how happily situated Dry Mill was.  It looked like a great place to picnic!

Then it was off to Tarara, which had amazing views from the top of a hill overlooking a valley and several places to sit outside.

Love that purple bag with that blue dress!

Love all the distinctive decor unique to each place!

Great summer dresses worn by the patrons.  I love the pop of yellow with a black, white and blue summer dress!

Then it was off to Loudoun Valley Vineyards.  Gorgeous property!  They also had a restaurant which smelled like some amazing Italian food was being made while we were there.

The day was a great success and everyone had a blast!  It's nice to know there are some gorgeous and fun places just 45 minutes to an hour outside DC to check out.  If you were looking for a unique way to spend the day with friends, maybe even a laid back bachelorette party, this may be the thing for you!


  1. I actually like the idea of a laid-back bachelorette party too. My friend wanted clean fun so we set up a limo tour in the countryside. We took pictures, drank a bit, and went to the spa in the afternoon and to the KTV bar in the evening. But what we enjoyed the most was how we reminisced her single days with us during the ride.

    Earnestine Novick

  2. Agreed! I love spending time with friends in this kind of a way :) A spa is another great and relaxing idea to hang out with the bridal party. Wow! Sounds like you all ahd a blast. You really do get to catch up and reminisce with the bride to be a lot more! I love that idea.