Friday, August 24, 2012

You Down With E.P.P.?

E.P.P. or East Potomac Park is a unique DC urban oasis, located on a small peninsula just by the Jefferson Memorial.  East Potomac Park houses a ton of cherry blossom trees, picnic areas, golf courses, a driving range, putting green, and public pool.  And it's a great place for fishing and running as well.

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My husband and I frequent here for him to get some practice on his driving and putting before he goes to play golf.  I find it fun just hitting some golf balls, although I'm a complete amateur.  This place is a fun place to spend the day and, the best part is, it's open to the public!

Another plus is that, when it's cherry blossom time, you can park over in East Potomac Park (get there early!) and take a short walk through the park, admiring the cherry blossoms on the way to the Tidal Basin where the rest are planted.  These are a few photos of our cherry blossom trip two years ago.  You can also get great views of the Southwest Waterfront area, where there is a marina, a seafood market and a few restaurants.

Cherry blossoms from 2010!

This is also a great spot to take out a paddle boat and have great views in the water.

Picnicking under the cherry blossoms is also a great way to spend the day.

And a few weeks ago, we went to East Potomac Park to practice our skills at the driving range.  Here I am at the driving range trying to line up my "shot."

This is the view of the range. Gorgeous day!  You can even see the planes taking off and landing from National Airport from this view.  Actually some people hit their golf balls so far they look like they might even hit the planes!

This was the 7 iron I was hitting with!  One of my husband's prized new Titleist clubs.  And there's my Coach bag next to it!  I love that purse.

Here I am ready to go! with Gold sparkly fingernails, cobalt blue toenails and flip flops.  While most people have closed toe shoes, especially for actually playing on the courses, I've managed to make do with my flip flops.  Particularly because I've only been to a small course to play twice in my life.  If this became more of an activity for me though, I probably would break down and get some true gear!  One thing I've noticed is that some people can be very serious with their gear and even stare when you don't look as seriously into golf as they do, but don't let that intimidate you!  I've also noticed that some of those people can't hit a ball as well as I can, and I'm truly a beginner!  So whatever you wear, it's all about your form.

These are some views from the driving range of the Washington Monument just behind us!

This is what a true golfer does when they go to the driving range.  I couldn't resist filming a real golfer hitting his golf balls!

And here are some views of E.P.P. on our way home.  That is the DC Southwest Waterfront area which is planned to be redeveloped in the near future.  Many boats dock there and sail up and down the Potomac River in good weather.  It makes us a bit jealous!

These are some really nice boats!

If you're in the area, come check out the E.P.P.  You'll be down with E.P.P. too! 

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