Monday, July 23, 2012

It Isn't Just Me...

Apparently my affinity for sequins is not just an attempt to increase the longevity of a very flashy fad.  While in Paris with my niece, my sister snapped a picture of the Paris Chanel Store window display.  (And yes, what a fantastic experience to go to Paris as a kid. My niece is living the life!)

Check this out.

I knew it wasn't just me having an unnatural attraction to all things sparkly!  (because that might be tacky...)  Hooray for sequins!  This absolutely makes me feel great that I'm on the right fashion track and this train is chugging along slowly through sequin-ville.   Some of you may remember that I highlighted these dresses from the Met Gala earlier and finding a floor length sequin dress within a lower price point and which had nice quality was a challenge to say the least.  But knowing that the fashion houses are still toting the sequin trend, I'm more than sure it will trickle down the fashion vine to us lowly commoners soon and there will be more long sequin gowns making an appearance in more affordable stores!   Definitely something to look forward too.  I'd even like to see how a bride might incorporate this kind of look into her wedding party!  Now that could lead to numerous possibilities.

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