Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Swim Style, As You Like It

Keeping cool during these hot summer months is a definite must.   I realized that in the past two summers, since my husband and I have bought our condo, we have not spent any time at a pool.  In fact, the last two times we were in bathing suits were on our trip to Puerto Rico last March and on our honeymoon last year!  That's just not right...

Realizing that, unlike our old apartment building where we were spoiled with a rooftop deck with a pool, our new place only has a rooftop deck with some chairs.  We do have a wonderful outdoor terrace, but sadly it's more of an urban oasis full of plants, a barbeque and a wonderful place to sit out on a nice day.  However, this summer I was yearning for a bit of poolside action!

I spent time googling "public pools in Cleveland Park" and "public pools in DC" in hopes of something nearby we could join.  Sadly, there was a small pool and tennis club (consisting of a small pool and one tennis court, visible from the street) in a neighborhood next door, however, it appears that membership only belongs to only those persons with the posh, giant homes in that neighborhood.  So that was off the list.  And there is an aquatic center up by the Tenleytown neighborhood, not too far away that was promising, but I did not see any indication of an outdoor pool, just indoor ones. OK, I can't hang out by an indoor pool... that's just not going to cut it!  So the search continued.  There are some public recreations centers nearby but I could not find information on pools there.  D'oh!  I did also hear that a nearby hotel  had a rooftop pool which had some deal with an apartment building that their residents could also have access to.  Sooooo, that could have potential if I was willing to be very sneaky.  I didn't realize that not having a pool around, even our pathetic 3 foot rooftop pool in our old building, would be such a big deal until I realized my swimwear was collecting major dust!  There's no point in owning it if it doesn't get used right?

While I dream of pools and beach trips this summer I've also envisioned wonderful swim looks that are so cute, I just want to be near a pool or beach to have an excuse to wear them! Check out the adorable two piece swim looks I put together on Polyvore below.  They include a mix and match of tops and bottoms evoking girly and vintage looks as well as nautical, sporty, glamorous and va-va-voom color!  Now that I've got the swimsuit looks down, all I need is a place to go in them!

If you like any of the looks below, just click on them and you'll be redirected to my Polyvore page where you can find where the items you like are available online!

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