Tuesday, July 31, 2012

June DC (Arlington) Wedding

As promised earlier, here are some photos of the great wedding we went to in June at the Key Bridge Marriott.  While the venue was technically in Arlington, Virginia, it was right across the bridge from Georgetown in DC and the rooftop ballroom had views of the city to die for!

I love these flowers! They look so lush with all the reds, pinks and greens.  The color scheme appeared to be red and gold with accents of pink and green.  I love how reds and fuchsias work together!  So much so, that I even incorporated them, along with purple, in my wedding...and accents of orange and green.  Including a bright pop of color in a flower will really stand out against a muted tablecloth.  They add a lovely richness to the floral arrangement.  That being said, I'm also a huge sucker for all white and other monochromatic centerpieces as well! 

Nothing is more gorgeous than fresh cut flowers...  Except for maybe these piƱatas of the bride and groom below!  What a fabulous likeness!  One of the bridesmaids, who is self described as very crafty, made these herself.  Amazing!  And the best part is that they were filled with candy and mini plastic bottles of booze for people to dig into after the reception ended.  Great job with these girl!  Let me know when you open your Etsy shop so I can advertise for it.

Here is the bride in her sari and veil getting ready!

Lovely details in the gold and maroon/red sari and gold jewelry.

These two also planned their ceremony layout so guests would be facing the DC skyline as a backdrop.   Great idea!  I loved seeing the city views.

The groom and groomsmen came into the ceremony in their matching kurtas and scarves dancing to bhangra music and having a great time!

Subtle gold tablecloths at the reception... and a water glass!  So thirsty!

This is when my husband's boutonniere came off for the night.  It just got in the way of dancing!

Lovely simple and elegant low centerpiece.  There's that red and fuchsia combo I love!

I love favors I can eat!  These cute M&M's got snacked on very quickly while we were sitting at the table.  I noticed my neighbor even polished off mine!

I love the cute details on the M&M's, they had the couple's names on them and some had a little drawing of champagne glasses.  Aaaa-dorable!!

Well that tops off this lovely wedding and details!  Nope, I did not take any pictures of us dancing.   Some things are best left unposted.  I hope you all enjoyed these gorgeous wedding details and future brides got some great inspiration.

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