Thursday, July 26, 2012

Leopard + Color-blocked = Gorgeous Pumps

While I didn't watch the teen choice awards this past weekend, I  definitely got my fill with the coverage of them afterwards on the entertainment news websites and E! News.  Entertainment news is for me and my friends what ESPN is for all the men that I know:  addictive, informative and entertaining all in one! 

I wasn't really paying attention to the stars showcased on the pink carpet until a picture of Hayden Panettiere came across the screen and, most importantly, her shoes.  That's the shot that got me hooked to my TV screen, her fabulous shoes.  I've seen leopard done to death but not combined with color-blocking in this way.  They were completely unique and over the top but I loved the outrageous-ness of it all.  I have seen plenty of leopard print but I've never seen it done that way, alternating four different colors of leopard print into one shoe and actually make me like it.  Rather than inducing a negative physical reaction, considering this combo could have easily gone so wrong.  Unlike those leopard print booties I have just not gotten into! Yuck!  I know they're totally fashion-y but they just overwhelm me with nausea.  These are actually a much better version because of the black (Love Betsey!). I don't even mind the fringe here.  Well, you can't like everything...

Hayden's shoes however, were, in the words of Ms. Tyra, "FIERCE!" 

A couple more choice words that came into my head included powerful, wild, bold, exciting, innovative and covet worthy!  I was a fan of the purple leopard print and noticed that separating the heel, sole and platform portion into slightly clashing colors actually worked here.  My absolute favorite parts would be the teal heel (hey! that rhymes!) and the leopard sole.

So, inspired by this shoe, I went on a search for other leopard print and color-blocked shoes.  What I found was more than I could imagine being in creation!  Check out these gorgeous heels below!  I even threw in a marvelously striking orange pair with a black and white leopard print sole and one with a zebra print on the platform of the shoe. Check out the fabulous collage of covet worthy shoes I put together below!  Leave it to Betsey Johnson to be completley bold with those cobalt pumps with the heel detail, and still classy with the addition of leopard print subtly on the inside of the heel!  She absolutely designs creatively but definitely understands how to balance her pieces brilliantly! 

Be it bold or subtle, there has got to be something out there to exhilarate everyone's inner tigress, leopard or zebra.

Leopard + Colorblocked = Gorgeous Pumps

MIA high heels

High heels

High heels

Qupid platform shoes

Leopard print shoes
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