Monday, July 30, 2012

Sequin Shorts for a Night out

While I wasn't in love with the idea of wearing shorts for a night out in general, I am liking the trend of wearing a sequin short out on the town!  I think the addition of sequins does make it less casual and takes into semi-formal territory.  Although I have yet to try this myself, I could see this looking really cute on a lot of different women.  Particularly if you find a well tailored pair like the ones below with some cuffs, which lessen the hoochie factor (discussed in this previous post).  Dressing up for a night out has another great semi-formal option.  Who knows? Sequin shorts, as trendy as they are, could be the new great alternative to a cocktail dress.  Let's face it, haven't you walked among a sea of cocktail dresses before and seen someone wearing one that you either have work before, have seen somewhere and liked or are wearing at that same moment?  Mortifying!  If this hasn't happened to you, count your lucky stars!  I've been out when someone wore the same dress as I did and, just a year ago, was walking to work and saw a girl wearing the same exact dress in the same exact color!  Needless to say I crossed the street in a different direction before passing her on the sidewalk... It's a weird feeling to potentially be compared to someone wearing the same exact outfit.

One great thing about wearing sequin shorts out is that you can dance or get out of a vehicle without showcasing things you'd rather no one else would see, while still showing off your fabulous legs!

Check out the outfit I put together on Polyvore below.  I'm loving every piece here!  Especially the top and the uber-cute clutch!

Sequin Shorts for a Night out

€36 -

Pleated shorts
€105 -

Snake skin shoes
£133 -

Gold handbag
$40 -

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