Sunday, May 6, 2012

One Great Party Dress

After years of buying dresses, I had an epiphany.  I really need one great party dress.  By this I mean, a dress without a super low neckline, something tailored and fitted without being made of only spandex or stretch jersey and one without a super short hemline ranging from mid-thigh to the knee.  The perfect cocktail dress.  The perfect guest of the wedding dress.  The dress you can wear when your significant other's boss invites you to a dinner (I say significant other's boss because this would not happen in my work environment).  The dress you can wear to the theater (i.e. Kennedy Center type outing) and out on a hot date to a fancy restaurant.  That great New Year's Eve party dress.   This is the go-to for all fancy occasions and which will be appropriate for all situations.    

Perhaps this is partly due to growing out of some of those styles that I loved in my 20's and my past few years of working and attending events for which "stretchy and tight" do not cut it anymore.  I've come to realize that having just that one great party dress is a great wardrobe staple.  Previous party dresses from my college days and early 20's included stretch jersey or spandex or they were too casual, too low cut or too tight.  Considering that I did not used to have to work out to stay in shape due to my young/fast metabolism and did have to put out a professional vibe, that was mighty fine with me.  With age, I came to appreciate the subtlety of a nice cut dress that does not show everything but rather, emphasizes one's assets through tailoring.  Thankfully, I found my perfect party dress just before this past New Year's Eve.  I got it for a steal off of Loehmann's online and could not have been happier.

Adrianna Papell Dress from Loehmanns online.
Yes, when I run out of hangers, I use the ones from the dry cleaners.  

Look how wonderfully fit it is!

Of course Ginger has to sneak herself in that last picture...  What a ham!

To really put my dress to the test I had worn it to a New Year's Eve bash at the Old Ebbit Grill, a DC staple. I paired it with the black stilettos with rhinestones and sequins on the heel from this post.  If you are looking for a fun night out in DC for New Year's Eve, the Old Ebbitt Grill had a great deal with a raffle, some gambling stations, a dance floor and deejay, several open bars and plenty of delicious food!  I mean, the food was exemplary for the price and the stations were never too crowded.  There was a raw seafood bar, pasta stations and passed hors d'overs throughout the night, including mini lamb chops.  Actually, the entire venue was full but definitely not as crowded as one would expect with a typical New Year's Eve party with a standard flat rate $150 ticket price.  Knowing all the dresses available for New Year's Eve parties, I was expecting a wash of sequins and sparkle and was not disappointed!  As anyone can see, my own dress had some sequin and beadwork but was not completely spangled with sequins as most of the others were.  But I just loved the shape and style of it. The design of the sequins and beads, the high neckline, the cap sleeves, the grey color -- it was just enough without being too much.  When I checked my coat, I was shocked and gratified to receive a compliment on my dress from the coat check lady.  Thereafter, throughout the night, I continued to receive compliments on the dress from persons passing by.  It was a great confidence booster and I knew I had made the right choice.

I truly believe this dress is an instant classic and definitely a keeper!

Adrianna Papell is  a wonderful designer to look up if you have not encountered her dresses before.  You can find them anywhere, including Nordstrom's and Bloomingdale's.  While this line is not as high end as Gucci or Prada or other expensive designers, the designs fit so many body types and personal styles.  And I always find something in this line that I just fall in love with.  There are so many affordable options for anyone looking for that one great party dress.

Do you have a great party dress or are in the search for one?  There are so many out there to choose, that it's really up to you which style really suits you!  It's all about how versatile it can be and how great you feel in it.

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