Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wedding Dress Inspiration: Ashley Greene at the 2012 Met Gala

Wedding season is upon us and the recent award shows and galas have given brides to be even more silhouettes to choose from!

Recently at the Met Gala, Ashley Greene (of Twilight fame) showed up in this number below and I absolutely love how this unembellished but wonderfully draped gown emphasized her shape beautifully.   I just love that off-the-one-shoulder detail!  It just adds a bit of design interest to an otherwise very simple silhouette and adds a bit of sexy in a subtle way.  This little detail is what I think made this dress so much more interesting to me.  So, while there are not any gowns out there yet that are exactly like Ashley's (not yet) I can definitely see many wedding gown lines adding this off-the-one-shoulder design into their collections.

Check out the two dresses I found below that could work for a casual and simple affair and see what you think!

Ashley Greene at the 2012 Met Gala

Donna Karan evening dresses ball gown
$3,295 -

Rachel Gilbert evening dresses gown
$950 -

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