Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Have Yourself a Bah-Humbug Day!

Tuesdays are great for one thing... They're not Mondays!  This particular Tuesday stood out in my mind as being significant as being my "bad day of the week."  We all have them, we all have to deal with them.  Be it that some car on the street splashed water from a nearby puddle as you were waiting to cross the street in the morning,  some guy quickly runs into the spot you are standing in on the Metro when you move to allow another person to get off the train, you get pulled over by a police officer when you're already running late, you are overloaded at work, some crazy person decides to follow you and scream profanity while you are walking down the street (yes, this actually happens to people on their morning commute) or you have unknowingly taken the fall for some unforeseen snafu.  There's always something that can come up and sour us for the rest of the day!  Not to fear!  This too, shall pass.

Some people move on easier than others.  If I have a particularly bad day I have two goals: (1) move on and (2) use it to my advantage.  With the first, I find that I have to dwell in the bad, let out the stress by talking (a.k.a. venting) to a friend or taking a break or both and then finding a way to balance out the rest of the day by treating myself to something.

Today in particular, I took my evening off the usual chores and went straight to my comfort foods in the grocery store.  Mainly, because I worked through my lunch.  My go to items include things I remember being so tasty as a kid:

1.  Chicken wings
2.  Fried chicken (put those first two together and you have fried chicken wings! YUM!)
3.  Stouffer's Turkey Tetrazzini
4.  Stouffer's Escalloped Chicken and Noodles
5.  Stouffer's Macaroni and Cheese and
6.  A pint of ice cream or frozen yogurt

Here are a few things I picked up this evening:

I cannot wait to break into this and try it! Taste--aaaay!

Ah... childhood memories.  They're a bit larger than I remember as a kid, but at 430 calories a box, this makes a great dinner portion! 

These I had ordered a while ago but could not hold off very long on breaking into the box!   Gotta love my niece who sells these!

And a couple of other things people have suggested, and that I've considered, as good pick-me-ups to balance my day include:

1. Exercise
2. Chick Flicks and/or Sex and the City episodes
3. Booze

Yeah, that's about it.  Short list!

Add in some cuddling with super cute pets and I'm back baby!

After all this balancing out the day to move on, I then consider how can I take this bah humbug event and turn it into something positive.  I really do naively believe when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  Although some lemons are a lot harder to juice!  It takes some time and consideration.  Today I've considered using a stressful day toward working harder for better opportunities in the long run.  It's a step, a milestone really, but one day that I won't forget.

Here's to the bah-humbug days! They make life easier to appreciate.

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