Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Good Things Come...

... to those who wait.  Well, I wasn't necessarily waiting for these things but free stuff is alway a plus!  And when it rains, it pours!

Apparently my sister bought some shoes that were too big for her and picture messaged me a photo of them with an offer for me to take them.  YES!!! What else could I say?  Knowing my sis, these were going to be fabulous shoes since I always love her style.  Free black, patent leather, Mark and James (by Badgley Mishka) heels?   Now you're talking baby.

You know it's totally fancy when it says the brand name on the tissue paper too! 

These shoes are gorgeous, fit well, and are amazingly high!  I definitely love them already!

I also opened my mailbox a couple of months ago and discovered something amazing!  VOGUE magazine!  Which I did not sign up for or pay for and it was definitely addressed to me!  Actually I did think it was a mistake because as much as I love fashion, beauty and style, I definitely do not know that much about it.  Why on earth would Vogue send me anything?  After all, (and this is my confession) I learned how to pronounce Givenchy (Gee-von-shee with a soft G) from the book The Devil Wears Prada.    I also learned a lot of fashion terms and designers from the books The Devil Wears Prada, Bergdorf Blondes, The Debutante Divorcee, and the Shopaholic series and from movies and television such as Clueless, Sex and the CityAmerica's Next Top Model and Project Runway. And I absolutely abhor that super tall and super thin have been, and still are, the only standards for being beautiful.  Kate Moss may actually be considered an "enemy" of mine (in the funny and not serious sense), though she does not know it!  Not that I have anything personally against her, just the whole "heroine chic" thing, at which time I was only in my early teens when that concept was adopted and, even then I felt that it was a bit extreme and unfair to the rest of us.  I guess I've always thought my own personal style knowledge and taste was the antithesis of what Vogue stood for.   Nevertheless, I relished in the opportunity to see what I had been be missing.  I was a bit surprised however, to find that there were ads for brands I could totally afford in there!  Who knew?!  While there are a lot of ads in the magazine, it is definitely worth looking at.

Here is a peak at things I loved and some things I scratched my head over:

Love that Dillard's is included here! And LOVE that Max & Cleo dress!

I found a pair of BVLGARI sunglasses at the Sunglasses Hut in Pentagon City Mall in Arlington, VA, which looked amazing on me.  Too bad they were $380 dollars.  I almost rationalized that price...almost!  But one day, maybe I'll get to a point where that won't seem so expensive anymore.   Or maybe I can just ask for them for a present from my hubby!

I just love Claudia Schiffer and the fact that she still looks so beautiful and as amazing as she did 20 years ago! I remember wanting and getting my first pair of Guess Jeans when I was 12!

Meh.  I don't really get it.  Is that a dress or bathing suit?  I feel like I have seen this ad (or very similar ones) for years.

Love H&M and their collaborations!  I have yet to get a designer dud at an H&M price but I just love their regular stuff!

I love this ad.  It looks so glamorous that I would want to look this chic!  This is an ad done right.

I don't get it.  The dress is fine, but the all white ghosty person?  How long is this dress if I can't see the model's feet?  Nope!

Meh again.  Not sure why you need a model if you're taking their face off... Why not use a mannequin?  And that's where they lose my interest in the dress and I spend time focusing on the missing face.

What is that chick on the left doing?  Is that supposed to be editorial?  An open-mouth fly trap?  Ms. Tyra Banks would have something to say about this! 

This is not so bad but I could do with a better view of the dress and include the top of the model's head in the tux.  Actually that tuxedo blazer is pretty fab. 

There you go!  All the good, the bad and the fugly, summed up brilliantly with my fashion ignorance!  I'm learning, but I'm not ashamed of my inexperience.  There are some style choices I may not agree with, although I completely respect the artistic perspective.  If you are interested, Vogue is also including some interesting articles on philanthropy serving women and the underprivileged.  In my opinion, this was actually the best part of the magazine.  I recommend you to scan through one if you get a free second to see what it is all about if you haven't had the chance yet!

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