Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Fashion Po-Po

For those who may not know, "po-po" is a nickname for the police which was used in hip hop songs for a while.   It's even funnier when my family members (not naming names here) use this term in regular conversation. You know who you are...

This brings me to E! channel's show Fashion Police or the Fashion Po-Po, as I say.  While the term fashion police is not new (I've wished for years that I could write tickets for some really terrible fashion offenders), this show is pretty new.  Next to What Not To Wear on TLC and Project Runway on Lifetime channel (formerly on Bravo channel), this is one of my favorite fashion shows.  It points out the good, bad and ugly of red carpet style and mostly focuses on celebrities.  While I don't always agree with Joan Rivers, who is waaaay over the top with her criticisms and sometimes ridiculously hilarious,  she can be totally right.  The great part of this is there are four fashion personalities that don't always agree with each other when critiquing celebrity style and I really love that.  It really allows people to have different perspectives on fashion that  viewers can relate to.  

Sometimes however, they all agree on certain looks.  And the Fashion Po-Po definitely all agreed about Kristen Stewart's look at the 2012 Met Gala.  The resounding opinion was that her entire outfit, from her head to her toes, was awful.  I know I discussed a few of my favorite looks from the Met Gala a couple of weeks ago, but Joan and her Fashion Police (A.K.A. the Joan Rangers) held nothing back when criticizing the looks they thought were the worst.  Bear with me, I took these photos from my television via my iPhone!  Call me crazy but its the only way I can capture the images of exactly what I'd like to discuss.  

Here's Joan discussing Kristen Stewart's outfit above.  Watch her wind it up....

And there's the pitch!

Resounding laughter!

Oh boy! There's more.  Check out those shoes!  I love shoes, but I just cannot get into these...  Maybe this will take some time.

Look!  Joan is not a fan either!

Here is the runway Kristen got her dress from above.

Designer Rebecca Minkoff adds in her two cents on this look.

Hmmmm...  Those shoes are so distracting...

Speaking of distracting!  There's Mark Jacobs in a DRESS! AGAIN!!!  (This is the second time I've seen him in a dress.  The last one was hot pink!)  It's definitely a statement... I'll let you insert your own personal fashion critique here ________ .

Looks like Joan said something else to cause a riot!  Look at Kelly's face.  You know it was a good one!

Ok.  So Joan is definitely taking jabs at Karolina Kurkova's outfit for the Met Gala designed by Rachael Zoe.  The dress wasn't bad actually.  Especially on a statuesque model.  That turban however, that's another story.  I get that its fashion so I really don't mind it.  But I probably won't be looking for a turban for my own evening look anytime soon.

What types of things do you appreciate with high fashion?  Is it the all out, man-dress, lace up pumps, editorial look or are you more drawn to the creative look that could translate to a real everyday style with some tweaking.  I definitely have a preference for the latter while truly appreciating the artistic perspective of the former.

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