Monday, May 14, 2012

Root, Root, Root for the Home Team!

A few weeks ago, on April 20, 2012 to kick off the start to a great weekend, my husband and I attended a Friday evening baseball game at Nationals Stadium.  I love this stadium!  While I am not a huge sports fan, I do love checking out sporting events and always root for our DC teams.  This stadium is new and provides a neat variety of food stands from Ben's Chili Bowl to Hard Times Cafe to Shake Shack.  There is even a restaurant with seating overlooking the game so you won't miss a minute of it!  Before the game starts there was a part of the stadium set up as an outdoor lounge with seating and a live band.  It was a great way to kick off the weekend!

I feel so bad that peoples' heads were in the way!  That's the curse of my own shortness.  Nice sunglasses fellow sporting event enthusiast!

We also had special plans that Sunday to attend Game 6 of the NHL semifinals featuring our beloved Washington Captials versus the Boston Bruins.  Let's go Caps!  This was actually around the time of the anniversary of when my husband and I started dating seven years ago (wow! What itch?) so he planned for us to have a nice brunch before the game at Co-co Sala.  Since we got married this hasn't been the big anniversary, but we always still remember it with something small.  This brunch was a perfectly delicious way to celebrate. I highly recommend brunch at Co-Co Sala.  They have a price fixed and a la carte menu with a bottomless drink option including a variety of champagnes and bloody marys.  Of course, it wouldn't be Co-Co Sala without chocolate somewhere right?  They do include chocolate in many dishes and drinks.  I even topped off the brunch with a salted caramel hot chocolate. Delicious!

On to the food.  While there were many delicious options, I ultimately settled for the truffle scented grilled cheese with tomato soup.  It was simple and hearty with just enough food to keep you full.   I was amazed how delicious grilled cheese could taste!  This dish hit the spot since the weather outside was super windy, cold and rainy!

Delicious truffle scented grilled cheese with piping hot tomato soup.  Add in a cheese dumpling, a roasted tomato and crispy flash fried basil and I am in heaven! A line of chocolate along the bottom perfects the dish.  

The breakfast flatbread with side salad also got rave reviews.  

As well as the chocolate covered bacon.  Wow!  That's something new to do with chocolate!

Then it was off to the game.  I was just having a blast getting to go.

Practicing before the game.

Although our Caps lost and we had to walk in the cold rain looking for a cab to take us home, it was still a pretty good time.  It was even nicer that they won Game 7 against the Bruins to move on to the next round in the semifinals.  Of course we were heart broken when they lost last week!   But here's to a great next season. 

Let's Go Caps! 

C-A-P-S! Caps! Caps! Caps!

Even if one is not a sports fan, there is a lot of fun to be had at the local games so get some tickets and check a few of them out!  If you're home team is from out of town, there are always those games when they come to town to look forward to!

And going back to that cold and rainy day.  I was well prepared in this baby! A North Face Triclimate rain jacket.  This has two jackets in one, a rain shell and an insulated jacket that can be used separately or combined for really chilly weather.  I love it!  This was a great investment from two years ago that has really paid off!

The center zipper on the rain shell also closes with velcro to keep wind out!

The inner jacket zips out so easily!

And here's the inner jacket, complete with its own hood.  A great piece by itself or to layer with!

So although sporting events may not be your thing, I highly recommend them as great outings.  There is always a lot to going on at the stadiums and they really can be fun for everyone!  Even a rainy day cannot dampen the fun time (especially when one is so well prepared for the weather)... Although a home team loss might! Chin up! There's always something else to look forward to.  Golf is already here, tennis and the Olympics will be dominating the summer and football is just around the corner!

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