Friday, May 18, 2012

The Jewelry Party

OK... You've seen me mention hosting a jewelry party in the previous post and now it's time to discuss the actual party!

I have a friend in my office who sells jewelry through this company in her spare time (which, with a full time job and family at home I find completely amazing!).  She asked me about buying jewelry through her company, Premier Designs, back in February.  She also mentioned that she hosted jewelry parties and that  it was a great way to get friends together.  This totally sparked my interest!  I had been to a jewelry party at a friend's house through a different company and loved the stuff I had bought.  So the minute I heard about hosting a party myself, I began to think very seriously about hosting one.

Premier Designs is a jewelry company that sells through its catalog only.  The jewelry they sold was not fine or costume jewelry but in-between those two.  It's high fashion jewelry that is great for work, going out and formal occasions.  It's great to travel with because a person wants to dress up and look nice but does not want to lose their fine jewelry on vacation.  I have even heard of ladies who bought high fashion rings to wear on vacation instead of their expensive engagement/wedding rings.  Hosting or going to a party is a great way to actually see pieces from the catalog in person and try them on!

Enough talking, here are some pictures of things from the catalog that sparked my fancy.

As you can see, I've already put post-its on my favorites! 

Love how these strands are intertwined!

LOVE this necklace!

Love this set too! 

And these are some of the actual pieces that my friend "the jewelry lady" brought with her to the party (let's just say it probably took about an hour for her to set up all the pieces she owned!).

There were so many necklaces that several had to be layered on each of these displays.  

There are at least three separate (and fabulous!) necklaces on this one display!

I fell in love with this necklace and matching bracelet! 

After all the orders were taken and the guests left, a mere two weeks later I got everyone's orders delivered to my home and was able to distribute them all to their owners.  I couldn't help but look through my own jewelry selections and do a photo shoot with them of course!

Love this look for work or a night out! 

My precious wares!

Gorgeous necklace. 

Beautiful!  Turquoise and gold is so "in" for the summer! 

Love this even more in person! 

I absolutely love everything I got!  The jewelry is even more beautiful in person.  I can see that last set being worn to the two weddings I have to go to this summer.  They just really upgrade the outfits I put together.  Although I've always been more of a clothes and shoes person, I really see myself getting good use out of these pieces.  I've even worn a few items to work over the past week.  If you were ever thinking of hosting or going to a jewelry party, I highly recommend it.  It's a great way to get together with friends and get some shopping done without the pressure of wondering how things look on you because your friends are already there to give you feedback!

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