Thursday, November 1, 2012

Boot Cravings: Equestrian, Western and Biker Styles

As I previously mentioned in my European Fashion Trends post, I'm really digging equestrian/riding boots this fall.  The comfort and style cannot be disputed -- at least I have come to like them enough that I cannot dispute their comfort and style any longer.  But having finally jumped on this bandwagon, I cannot help but notice some of the other cutie-bootie trends out there!

Of course, I still had to include a favorite pair of equestrian boots and Tory Burch has some of the nicest one's I've seen out there.  I love her simple but cute styling.  And one of my favorite equestrian styles is the two tone boot.  I like it mainly because it's so versatile and can work with a lot of outfits paired with either brown or black.

Who knew I'd like a western style boot?  My parents bought me these authentic cowboy boots when I was in high school from a place they visited in Pennsylvania, which was known for its cowboy boots.  At least I think it was Pennsylvania -- it's been so long now I can't remember but my mom definitely would. Anyhow, after years of collecting dust in the back of my closet, I finally rediscovered these boots when the cowboy boot trend was being made popular by Britney Spears and other stars in the early to mid 2000's.  They still didn't get worn for years however, until a bachelorette party in 2011 with a western theme.  All the attendants were encouraged to dress in western wear (i.e. cowboy hats and boots, etc.)  but somehow I was the only one wearing cowboy boots, which were very ill matched with the rest of my bandage skirt/button down ensemble.  It sounds cute but, the proportions just weren't there!  And then back they went, to the back of the closet.  They're not bad boots at all really!  I am thinking I should definitely still try to wear them with things when I get a chance!  And seeing that western styles are back in, now would be an appropriate time.  Check out the boots below, I am just loving the western style ankle booties in cobalt blue by H&M.  How cute and budget friendly is that?  Actually I'm loving all the boots below for different reasons.  The two with fringe really stand out to me (in a good way) as well!  I love the idea of adding some fringe to a black wedge boot and both the tall and ankle bootie versions really caught my eye!  It's western but still subtle.  For someone who has refused fringe on all levels, this might actually be a do for me!

Then here come the biker/motorcycle styles! The Pink and Pepper boot is awesome for it's color, price and style. I'm not sure I'd consider it a true biker boot but it has some moto feel to it with the buckle, which would otherwise be a bit equestrian to me.  I also like the color, grey is an awesome boot color, and the slouch in the shaft.  Overall a super stylish pick at a great price.  Then of course I love the studded ankle bootie.  Not typical biker style which usually is a flat boot and rounded toe, but I think the studded detail gives it the same edge but is made for more of those girly girls who cannot do without their heels!  Finally, my favorite take on the biker bootie style is the olive green Rebecca Minkoff booties below.  Instead of the regular biker details, she combines multiple buckles to give that moto edge to them. Again, its a more bit feminine but is a great alternative for anyone who wants to do that trend without going the typical route.  The shortie heels and pointy toe are also super cute and girly for those of us who don't want to have the round toe, studded flat boot biker style.  Love them!

What's your boot style?  It was hard for me to even narrow down all my choices into the ones below because there are so many awesome boots out there.  You just need to know what you're interested in.  Why not give one of these a go?

Boot Cravings: Equestrian, Western and Biker Styles

Slouch boots

Rebecca Minkoff biker boots

H&M suede boots
$48 -

Betsey Johnson high heel boots

Mango wedge boots

Tory burch

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