Saturday, April 12, 2014

Slim Bottoms, Billowy Tops, Flat Shoes -- Two Ways

As discussed in my recent post below, I put together two looks with slim bottoms and billowy tops. Both are mommy friendly, especially if you're still working on eliminating those last few pounds, which the loose tops are great for!  Both styles are sleek and now.  Wear a loose tee with leggings and add some cute flats and a ponytail to finish off the look. Jewelry is optional in the case you have a little one who likes to grab anything that dangles.

Dress up the look for work with slim ankle pants, pointed flats, a loose button down (which can be tucked in or left out) and top it off with a blazer. Add some fun gold accessories and a low ponytail to polish it all off for a day in the office.

Hope you enjoy these looks.  Like I mentioned earlier, I've seen this look abound in the neighborhoods near us with lots of young mommies and professionals putting their own spin on this DC favorite.

Slim Bottoms, Billowy Tops, Flat Shoes -- Two Ways

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