Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring It On

While I'm still waiting for spring to show itself around these parts, I thought I'd have some fun with some end of the season wintry looks.  I usually feel pretty drab, style-wise, with my look every day when I dress for the cold weather, which consists of a mid-thigh length puffy coat with furry hood, a scarf and my fuzzy, fleece North Face beanie.  These are usually paired with riding boots for walking to the Metro and from the Metro to work and I change into a pair of flats which I keep in the office.  Flats are the only things that make my feet comfortable these days because of the whole pregnancy thing!  Underneath my cold-weather attire, I do still change it up, from a dress, cardigan and tights to pants and a blouse but, boy am I tired of the same commuter look!  I'm still too chicken to put on a wool coat since I never know how cold it will truly feel until I venture outside (wind factor included) so I stay cautiously warm.  You know, just in case that icy wind decides to make its way toward my face!

That doesn't mean I don't want to try and look cute, chic and stylish in the colder temperatures too.  Maybe one day when the days start inching a few degrees north, I'll try to incorporate my wool coats back into the mix before they're retired until the next winter.  Till then, I do have a lot of great inspiration from others on how to look super fabulous in cooler temps!  Check out the Duchess below, who I'm very loosely following in maternity style now that we're both expecting.  Thank goodness there's someone to look up to because I don't know what I'm doing!  Her recent looks include hiding the bump behind really cute and fitted, but not tight, coats and pairing a hat/fascinator and cute pumps with her coat.  It's all about the coat really.  I've also noticed that cute swing coats are definitely stylish but are also good to hide growing bellies (whether that's your thing or not!) and they just look so darn cute.   Check out the cute "waiting for winter to end" look I put together on Polyvore below, so cleverly title "Spring it On" (if I do say so myself)!  The title is an homage to the phrase "bring it on" of course inspired by the movie with the same name too!  There were some great cheers in there. 

I also threw in a pillbox hat just for fun (although I've had no reason to dress up that much for anything -- hence the beanie! they're so warm and practical!) and a really cute pair of neutral pumps with a neon toe.  A little neon here and there goes a long way and adds much needed color and pizazz to the black and white outfit without being too loud.    The coat is a statement itself.  Obviously these shoes are ridiculously expensive, even if you had the money since they're very trendy and might not get worn as often as a basic nude or black, so I'd suggest checking out Bakers, Aldo, Steve Madden or your local department stores for a similarly bright pump.

Do I think I'd ever have an opportunity to dress up this much?  Maybe one day.  One can always dream of being titled and American Duchess/Marquess of something (the District of Columbia? a zip code?), somehow (no idea!), and having plenty of occasions to make appearances right? Of course titles and grants of that sort aren't favored around these parts, and for good reason,  but perhaps just a nickname of that sort would do... And maybe a tiara for special occasions!

Spring It On

Helene berman
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Charlotte Olympia oxford shoes
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