Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence Oscar Love

Of course, I'm a bit late with the Oscars post but better late than never!

So, usually I've posted favorites and have a ton of people I cannot decide between but this year it was a no brainer for me.  Jennifer Lawrence swept away the competition!  Why?  I can't say for sure what other people thought of this dress but I just loved that it was huge and dramatic with a beautiful soft blush color and it fit her so beautifully.  Even the accessories were totally spot on!  The drop earrings were just the right amount of sparkle and the necklace worn with the long side going down her back was subtle but dramatic enough.  It was very classy and well done. I can also see a lot of ladies watching the Oscars and thinking, this style dress could look good on me.  And some red carpet dresses which do that are hard to find.  I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't see a lot of wedding gowns with dropped waists and dramatic ballgowns coming out soon.  Actually the silhouette reminds me of my own wedding dress which was fitted past the hips but flared out into ruffles rather than a ballgown.  Very simple and clean though.  I just LOVED it!

Anyhoo, this awards season left me a bit underwhelmed which surprised me.  There were some total hits and a lot of "eh" or "meh" moments seeing all the stars.  I mean just a tweak here or there for some of the stars and it would make a huge difference!  Like Jennifer Anniston!  I really liked her dress but her hair was.. Well...  It was her usual totally casual hair, just like she has on any other day.  But I would have loved to see her have a deconstructed low chingion.  Maybe something like this:

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You go L.C.!  This would have complimented that lovely red dress so much better than this don't you think?  
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And then there was Jessica Chastain who looked amazing all award show season but really looked glamorous at the Oscars.  I love how her hair compliments the gold in her dress.  She was a total stunner.

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With Jennifer Garner, I loved the fit and color of the dress, but couldn't get over the peacock back.  I'm bringing this dress up just because I actually saw on E! News that there was a Vera Wang for David's Bridal dress that was discussed as a substitute if you liked Jennifer Garner's dress.  I actually loved the substitute way more than the original. Check out the original:

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You can catch the Vera Wang substitute here.  Isn't it super cute for a bridesmaid dress?  I might have to get it for some formal event if I ever needed one!

Finally, here's my girl J.Law. below looking stunning as always.  She really stood out this season and made the most of it.  Below you will also find a collage I put together on Polyvore based on her look. While there aren't a lot of dresses out there with this exact shape yet, I definitely see this coming soon to a bridal store near you!

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And the collage below! Enjoy!

Jennifer Lawrence Oscar Love

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