Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring Fashion Round Up!

It's that time of year again!  Now that it's March (and snowing today in DC) we know spring is coming close.  It begins with the cherry blossoms and warmer temperatures and soon enough, the trees become leafy green, the sun stays out later and your mood improves drastically.  After living in a winter coat, hat, gloves and scarf for months now, won't it be nice to change the wardrobe up a bit?

Starting off my year, I got a fabulous fortune in my fortune cookie which told me it was going to be a great year for my closet:  

Isn't that something?  Looks like I'll have some new clothes this spring!  And it has the double smiley faces.  That must be a good sign. 

Anyhoo, the spring trends I've seen coming down the pipeline are all about black and white, color-blocking, stripes, pastels, gladiator sandals and jazzed up athletic shoes.  Here are some trends I photographed from the TV on my iPhone while watching the Today show about a month ago.  You know me! Classy all the way!

First up, stripes and color blocking in mostly black and white. 

Today Show's Bobby Thomas showed Kathy Lee and Hoda the upcoming trends on real models like the black and white color blocked dress below.

Pardon the blur on the bottom. I had a hard time getting a full length shot of that one!

There's even stripes and color blocking combinations out there like the dress showcased above!  This is a great way use use one versatile piece that covers 2 trends.  Below are some adorable pastels.  I love the blue sweater but am really dying for that lilac dress!

Down below are some of the shoe and bag trends including gladiator sandals (gladi-hater for those who just can't stand them!), jazzy sneaks and beaded bags.  Seriously though, after owning many pairs of gladiator style shoes, I still cannot possibly make them work so I'd given up on this style for me.  Besides, whenever my husband gave me a look when I wore them and said "Uh, you look like a gladiator" I'm not sure that's the reaction I wanted although that was the style of the shoe!

These flower sneaks (sneakers) are by Chanel.  I never thought I'd see the day Chanel did the sneaker!

I do love a great beaded bag!

There you have some upcoming trends this year.  If you only update your wardrobe with one new piece, anything in these styles will keep your wardrobe looking so fresh and so clean, clean!  Any favorite standouts so far?  I'd also keep an eye out for colorful (i.e. bright colors) skinnys and jeggings for the spring.  GAP has a wonderful selection to choose from!  Are there any other trends you'll be excited to see?  Let me know in the comments section below! 

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