Thursday, March 14, 2013

Revolved Around Accessories

While I try to remain optimistic that spring will eventually arrive, I find myself starting to put together more and more springy/summery looks on Polyvore.  With temperatures going back to digging their stubborn heels into the 30's and after a weekend full of warm spring-like activity, I just can't take the cold anymore.  I find myself looking at my long grey puffy coat, scarf, beanie and riding boots as a uniform these days to battle the cold and windy weather, because it's still to cold for me to try to trade in my boots for flats, my puffy coat for a cuter wool coat or to ditch my tights all together yet!  Calgon take me away!

So with that mindset, I really built the collage below around this great collar necklace.  This stands out so much, adding a basic dress underneath is all you'd really need.  I did jazz it up with a black blazer (Alexander McQueen optional, but since I love the shape of the blazer I went with it).  Any old black blazer would do though.  I got a great one in navy from Zara last year and rocked the heck out of it!

Back to the outfit, though.  I pulled some cute fuchsia studs out to pick up on the pink in the necklace and add a bit of color, threw in a black and white fedora, revisited the fuchsia with the ballet flats, and threw in hints of mint with the bag and sunglasses.  How chic are those mint colored sunglasses! I can totally see some super cute, fashionable and put together girl just rocking this outfit to the nines, from brunch to a date to visiting a museum.  This outfit speaks volumes.

If you had to add one piece into your own wardrobe from the ones below, which would it be?  Are you more bold in your fashion choices and would go for the necklace?  Do you dress in basics and add in pops of color here and there and are drawn to the shoes?  Are you into dainty accessories and have a muted style and the earrings are calling your name as being a perfect pop to any outfit?  Do you like to keep up with trends and are loving the sunglasses.  Does the hat speak to your inner hipster?  Would you like to upgrade your style with something new and trendy but still classic and clean and the purse is the perfect pick? Do you gravitate toward clean basics with great lines and just must have the blazer? Or do you love the flirty and girly dress which is so versatile and can be jazzed up for a night out or dressed down for a daytime affair?  This is a hard one for me because I really love all the pieces (I know I owned a very similar hat years ago from H&M and never got around to wearing it) but am drawn to the blazer, purse or shoes the most!  I can see any of those three being staples in my wardrobe.  I do like to use a lot of color in my shoe choices and love basics but also like to jazz them up with something hip and new!

What does it for you?

Revolved Around Accessories

Polka dot dress
$74 -

Alexander mcqueen
$2,125 -

Topshop patent shoes

Mint handbag

Stud earrings

FE NY vintage eyewear


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