Thursday, June 7, 2012

Searching for a Bridal Shower Gift

Yes friends, we are in the midst of wedding season!  All those showers, rehearsal dinners, ceremonies and receptions are here for us to come together and celebrate our friends' joy together with them.  As I mentioned in this last post, I was on the hunt for a dress for the wedding events coming up this summer, which is my favorite part of the entire shebang!  Although I was quite upset that two of my favorite picks were sold out in my size (after having searched for weeks to narrow it down to these two), I am happy to report I finally found "the" dress.  I know I have one great dress as a go to for most events, but since I had worn my former one great dress to a New Years party with the couple getting married, I thought wearing a new dress to their wedding might be in order.  This new dress, while a bit pricey, will also go into that "one great dress" (now "two great dresses") category.  I can always use two great dresses to switch out for special occasions.  But I digress.  This post is all about my search for a great bridal shower gift. 

At the beginning of last month, I went to my first bridal shower/bachelorette party this year.  It was a unique combined event (more on that actual event later) with a vineyard tour via a limo to the local Northern Virginia Vineyards, followed by a homemade dinner and gift opening bridal shower at one of the bride's friend's homes.

I was on a quest for the perfect bridal shower gift.  One of my favorite gifts to give is a nice pair of champagne glasses and a nice bottle of champagne for the couple to toast together.  It usually is a hit with the brides I've given it to.  Especially if they're not married to their registry.  I know with my bridal shower, I loved innovative gifts as much as the ones people got from my registry!

So I went to my neighborhood Pier 1 Imports Store.  They have some super cute unique home decorations.  

These tall floor vases would look great on either side of my fireplace!

I love this cute swirly vase.  It looks like a really cool, really fancy number six!

I LOVE ME A GOOD DRESS FORM... I wish I could sew so I could have a room to put this in!

How cute is it?  I'm definitely considering taking sewing lessons.

OK enough distraction!  Back to what I came here for.  The champagne glasses.  I got these pretty amber hued ones for another friend of mine on her bridal shower along with a nice bottle of champagne.  I hope they get to use them!  These are fabulous.

I like this red swirled champagne glass also.  This says unique and fun!  It also comes with a blue swirl.

I liked it so much I photographed it twice!

And I love when they put together a place setting!  This is a great place to get ideas.  They have put a wooden placemat over a teal one and topped it with a gold charger, white dinner plate, white salad plate, and cool peacock appetizer plate to bring in more color.  This is a great idea if you own white plates to jazz up a place setting.  Alongside the plates there is a teal napkin wrapped with a gold napkin and secured with a gold napkin ring.  So chic and put together!  Now I want teal placemats.

OK.  I've found it! The perfect champagne glasses for a gift!  Except they're far out of my reach.  All the way on the top shelf.

There! The glasses on the top left with an etched swirl design on them.  I heeded the sign and asked a sales associate for assistance.  These made a great gift.  They are simple with just a twist -- an interesting swirl design included.  The bride-to-be love them and the bottle of champagne I got for her.  Apparently it's same champagne they toasted with when they got engaged.  Although I didn't know it, I was grateful to the sales man who recommended the champagne to me!   If you're looking for a nice simple gift, the champagne glass duo with bottle of moderately priced champagne is always a winner!

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