Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Royally Inspi(red)

As we saw last week, the beautiful Kate Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, wore some demure but impeccably styled clothing.  I love that she wears those nude L.K. Bennet pumps with so many outfits!  It shows their versatility. While some fashion followers are starting to get bored with her long sleeves, sheath dresses and recycled clothing I find it totally awesome that someone who could afford to wear a new couture gown every day chooses to dress like an everyday woman, albeit with a slightly more expensive wardrobe at times, and just likes to wear what looks good on her and not just the "next hot trend" out there.  I mean, I have a standard pair of nude pumps that go with all my favorite outfits as well.  I love that!

I also just love that she won't just try to show a lot of skin to be sexy but keeps it very subtle, mostly by showing off her great figure by good tailoring.  Reminding us all there is more than one way to be sexy.

Check out her standout red number from last week.  While I cannot give you an exact dress that mimics this Alexander McQueen look for less, a regular every day woman (like myself) in DC or anywhere around the globe can attempt to find a similar look with some improvising.  Take a look at the adorable pleated Anthropologie dress I found in red with that same type of shape that Kate wears, down to the pleating.  Top it with a red blazer and you can really achieve a similar style to the dress she wore.  Add in a cute neutral bag, I chose a cute gold clutch, and throw on a pair of nude patent leather pumps (these should be a wardrobe staple by now!) and you're ready to hit the town in a Kate-esque style!

Not to toot my own horn but I really love how the dress and blazer combination I found really replicates the essence of Kate's red dress.  Classic lines with a bold color cannot be beat!

Royally Inspi(red)

Vintage style cocktail dress
$158 -

Planet red cropped jacket
£135 -

Corso Como round toe pumps
$126 -

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