Friday, June 15, 2012

Style in the Kitchen

I love how we can incorporate our personal style into all the areas of our lives!  Perhaps an overlooked area is the smaller things in the kitchen we use every day but perhaps don't think twice in the context of style.   Take sale and pepper shakers for instance.  They're very utilitarian but I never knew how many great and fun options there are out there where one can incorporate style into their salt and pepper shakers.  They always make a statement when guests come over and compliment all the other areas of a stylish kitchen.  Why not get incorporate some fun into your kitchen after taking all that time to coordinate the nice appliances, countertops, cabinets and other accessories.  You can go very bold with salt and pepper shakers as well because they are pretty small.

Check out the cute owl sale and pepper shakers by Jonathan Adler I got from Nordstrom below:

These are a fun conversation piece and add an extra element of fun and style to our kitchen.  I absolutely love them and think they were totally worth the purchase!

Look at all the cute and unique salt and pepper shakers to fit any personality style below.  There are even some adorable Peeps salt and pepper shakers!

Those Michael Aram pomegranate salt and pepper shakers would actually go perfectly with our paper towel holder (which is a great paper towel holder and really looks awesome in our kitchen) that we got as a Christmas gift.  Take a look at it here:

Here is just a taste of the salt and pepper shakers available in stores now!  I actually love those green and yellow ones on the bottom right.  My sister has had those for years and every time I would go to her house I would play with them because they have magnetic feet.  So they can stick to the metal plate and the pole in the middle.  Adorable!

Adorable and Stylish Salt and Pepper Shakers

FRED The Salt & Peeper Shaker
$9 -

Potted Salt & Pepper Shakers
$10 -

Apple and Pear Salt and Pepper Set
£30 -

Alessi Lilliput Salt & Pepper Set
$42 -

Frog Salt And Pepper Shaker - Set Of 2
$12 -

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