Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Stylish DC Lady Shout Out

Well, I honestly don't know this stylish DC lady personally but this is an ode to a very fashionable someone I saw one morning on my way to work.  She was walking to the Metro station as I was walking out of it and wearing a FAB-U-LICIOUS (That's a word!) grey cape over her work outfit, which looked like there was a slim pencil skirt or dress, paired with black booties, similar to the ones below.

Now, I was (and still am) way to chicken to actually go up to someone and compliment their outfit, lest they thought I was some kind of weirdo or creepy people watcher, but I couldn't let this triumph of cape fashion go unrecognized!  So in honor of this one stylish person, who keeps my hopes alive that more people will be inspired by these trendy and put together looking ladies, -- I personally want to try a cape coat and ankle booties for work -- I had to emulate this look on Polyvore.  I have to say, although my version is not grey and black, I love the tan/beige neutrals with the colorful pencil skirt.   To make this winter friendly, for chickens like me (apparently I'm scared of many things!) who can't bear to bare their legs in the cold, adding a pair of neutral grey or brown tights to this look would be great!  Aside from owning a cape, which I don't, this look requires putting together a few things most people might already have at home in their wardrobe.  OK, I also don't own this type of ankle bootie exactly, but I could emulate the style from my closet with some pumps or wedges and all I'd have to do was get a cape-coat!  Easy!  Actually seeing someone dressed this cute on the way to work makes me want to buy the darn cape coat and that particular style of ankle bootie just to wear that same outfit!

So here's to you stylish DC lady! You've inspired me to try a cape and given me ideas on how to wear one with grace.  I'm passing your fabulicious message along to my friends.  Keep on workin' it ladies!  You are truly making a difference to all of us who feel they need some inspiration now and then.


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