Friday, November 2, 2012

It's So Hard to Say Goodbye...

... to yesterday-yyy-eeeeeee-eeee!  Best Boys To Men Song ever!  Except for every other one they've released as well!  I can't get enough of that low and slow melody!  But this song commemorates a much less serious event than the song originally intended, it is commemorating my loss of an awesomely perfect shirt to tears and holes!  So many tears and holes! 

Parting ways with a favorite piece of clothing can be a total bummer.  It marks the ending of a relationship between yourself and an something you relied upon for support and looking great!  My favorite button down was this shirt below, which I relied upon for a cute and modern casual look that upgraded me from my plain ole jeans and tee fallback.  Unfortunately, I recently had to say goodbye to my old friend.  Boy do I miss it!

As you can see, I also used it in this earlier post about packing for a weekend trip.  This shirt was part of my perfect plane travel outfit! In the photo above, I was going away for a bachelorette weekend and the front of my shirt, which is was very gauzy, developed a hole which I promptly hand sewed to save it!  Good as new!  And a great way to salvage clothing and make it last longer.  A bit of hand stitching can go a long way.  

But then, on our way to the airport for our Europe trip, the shirt developed another hole (boo!) and I was frantically sewing the hole closed in the car, on the way to the airport.  Yikes!  I think it's the embroidery which is so much heavier for the gauzy material in the front (the back is was grey jersey) and lent itself to pulling easily.  That's just a guess.  Perhaps the wash cycle was too much for it.  

Anyhoo, coming back from Europe, I put my favorite casual shirt in a gentle wash laundry bag before putting it in the laundry cycle and I set the machine to gentle spin.  So this is what came out after all that:

Omg! There were way more holes than I could sew closed without it looking jacked up!  Some of these were clearly un-salvageable.

So I said my goodbye's to my dear old friend (shedding a tear!) and put her out of her misery.  It was a very hard parting for both of us.  She was so good to me!

Tossing old trusty into the automatically opening trash can.

Now I feel a small void in my heart, fashion sense and my wardrobe for where she filled with joy!  To fill this void I've looked around for shirts, but nothing has really stood out yet.  While I know nothing can completely replace my favorite shirt, there are new relationships to be made and new experiences yet to be had.

So, reluctantly, I've put myself out there.  Looking for a new button down, take-me-from-geek-to-casual-chic shirt, is harder than I thought.  Nothing is doing it for me yet.  Here's one that comes very close in cut and style, even with the jersey back and rolled up sleeves at Anthropologie.  But of course, without the embroidery.

Or maybe this shirt from Nordstrom?

Of course, that one is $248!!  I'm definitely not that upset or looking to find a replacement that badly...

Maybe this might work?  Also from Nordstrom.

But this feels, well, just a bit dull to me.

Or maybe even this one from Nordstrom?

Fancy that! This one looks like the $248 one but at a better price point!  Hallelujah!

Also, this one caught my eye (at Nordstrom of course!) because of the print.

Well...  This one is pretty cool, but it'll take a bit more searching to find the perfect one!  After ending the relationship with a good article of clothing, finding one to replace all those warm fuzzy feelings you had from it and those feel good vibes is not an easy task.  And with that, my search continues...


  1. girl, you gave up too soon, i think you could have sewn up your ol' trusted button down:).

  2. Ya think so? there were so many holes and fabric damage I was too scared to even try this time!