Thursday, October 25, 2012

European Vacation Preview

I know you've heard me mentioned this vacation over and over again without producing pictures, but that's only because I have yet to upload them on my computer from the camera!  Luckily however, I managed to snag a few photos on my iPhone.

As a preview of some of our trip I wanted to share some of my iPhone photos from Rome, which was my favorite of all three places, although I loved Florence and Munich as well.  But I could not get enough of the history, architecture, culture and sites in Rome! Beautiful Roma!

OK, enough talking! Here is a preview of some photos from the trip, which I promise to follow up with some great photos from our camera once they're uploaded!

Views from the Spanish Steps in Rome.  I loved all the terraces/balconies everywhere.

You can't turn your head in any direction without seeing a duomo (dome of a church) somewhere.

We had a lovely little balcony off of our room which overlooked a church piazza (place/plaza).  This was one of my favorite things to pack with me, a casual dress to walk in for the warm weather.  Perfect tourist wear and it doesn't take up as much space in a suitcase/carry-on as a bunch of separates would.  Summer day dresses = one outfit in one piece!  No muss, no fuss...  Just fab!  Needless to say, I packed quite a few dresses!

Here's the Colosseum.  One of the most awesome structures I've seen!

Below is the Arch of Constantine, the Roman Emperor who adopted Christianity as the faith of the Empire.

And here I caught a lucky bride and groom taking pictures at the Colosseum.  How amazing would that be?

Some views from the Spanish Steps at nighttime.

 There was this really cool rooftop bar by the Spanish Steps too which overlooked the city and, in the distance you can even see the moon!  Yes, it did hit my eye like a big pizza pie, and that was amore!  Amore for Rome!

Finally, I gave my phone a rest from pictures until we were on the flight home and the lovely Lufthansa flight attendants provided us with free Oktoberfest gingerbread cookies!  Great souvenir!

There will definitely be more pictures of this trip to come!

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