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Golden Globes Inspiration

My apologies to all the readers (all three of you!) for my self imposed hiatus!  January was a very tough month to stay healthy in with all the cruddy illnesses running around.  And you just know there are people in the office bringing their germs with them (I admit, I had to as well because of the work I had to do but tried to self contain my being in my office as much as I could!).  So there goes the worst (I hope!) of the sickie season and I'm moving back into full swing blogging away!

 So I am a bit late but I've kept up with my favorite awards show fashions so far.  The Golden Globes were a great start to award season and I saw a lot of black, white and pastels this year, particularly blush.  I also think pastels will be big in spring this year so keep an eye out for that.  Among these were pops of bright hues I couldn't take my eyes off of however.  Like Jessica Alba for instance.  I love her style!  She always dresses so well and looks put together, but I cannot, for the life of me, remember the last TV show or movie I had seen her in!  I did see her in a cell phone commercial recently and I've seen her on for her mommy style but that's really it.  What's she been doing for the past 5 years to keep her name in the headlines?  Just curious...

Anyhoo, the Golden Globes had a lot of strapless necklines and some really interesting dresses.  My top three favorite looks were by far the three ladies below:  Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lawrence.  I'm not sure why I love Jennifer Lawrence so much in general since she burst onto the scene.  It must be her effortless laid back beauty and her not taking herself so seriously.  Actually, I'm more than sure it had to do with her being in The Hunger Games movies, since I loved those books in a weird way.  The plot sounds so awful and then you just cannot put it down.  I even cried in the theater (like a total sap!) when she took her sister's place in the reaping! AH! So good!

Back to business though.  Here are my top three favorite looks from the Golden Globes:

Photo courtesy of US Weekly ( 

I love the color of this and the way it fits her! I know people out there call her curvy, but she's really just a small girl with boobs and a butt.  Let's just call it what it is. Curvy indicates that someone has more body than they actually do.  And they probably do in Hollywood if the standard is the Olsen twins or, even a lollipop.  But aren't "curves" what separates a woman from a man? or from a little kid?  So my two cents are that J.Law is small, tall and has killer womanly appeal.  I love how the natural waist is emphasized and how the hips are hugged by the material before it flows out into that pleated A-line which almost imitates a ballgown (maybe it is considered a ballgown?).  It's just gorgeous.  I wish clothes fit me in that way.  Shoot, I'd wear that to the grocery store!

Second up is Kate Hudson.  Boy does she know how to dress her petite figure.  And see? She's skinny but has boobs and hips too!  That's a woman!

Photo courtesy of VH1 (

That neckline is amazing! It really adds to the outfit which has such little embellishment other than the belt in the waist and the plunge keyhole in the front.  This dress does it right. and to balance out the giant keyhole, the long sleeves do just the trick.  She is also one who knows how to dress that body!

Finally, I just love Jessica Alba's dress.  It's a bit typical mermaid, sweetheart neckline, but the color is amazing and she pairs it with great side-swept hair and a huge necklace, which I really love!  The color especially looks fantastic with her skin tone and lip color.  Well done Jess. Very well done.

Photo courtesy of Pop Sugar (

As inspiration for anyone looking for a Globes-style formal look, I've put together a style collage combining Kate's silhouette with the pop of color from Jessica's dress.  Unfortunately, since the awards shows dresses usually are super new designer duds, you probably won't find an exact match or replica -- although some knock-offs are made within days of the events, you can pull what you like from several styles and find something appropriately inspired by star styles.  Check out the dress below and let me know what you think!

Golden Globes Inspiration

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