Monday, January 7, 2013

Winter Look Refresh: Soft hues palette

Happy 2013 to all my DC 30 fashion lovers out there!  I thought I'd start the year off right with putting together a fabulously chic winter ensemble that I could see on many a DC lady out there.  I'm really into the fuzzy earmuffs this season - especially since I got some for my birthday this past year (thanks sis!) and think they're a fun and cozy edition to your winter wardrobe.  Let's face it,  winter clothing, especially when someone (ahem! me...) gets stuck in wearing the same coat/accessories every day.  Hey! I get it.  I'm one of them!  It's so easy to get stuck in this rut because baby, it's cold outside and all I can think of is staying warm.  That is, until I hop onto the Metro and see, not only the cutest dressed girls in DC, but also the depressing winter dressers like myself.  Boy, is the Metro a seriously drab ride in the winter.  I usually rely on my fellow DC fashionistas (fashiontonians as I've heard on this site and loved the ring of it) for inspiration!  Although my signature style is comfort/cozy chic, I do love getting ideas from others.  They're like frosting on the dingy, dirty, sometimes creepy Metro cake!  Come on fellow fashiontonians, let's show the world, and ourselves, what we're made of and kick winter's fashion-challenged  butt!

In that spirit, I'll introduce you to the lovely collage below.  Who doesn't love a nude palette. And this one works for everyone!  Light purple and pinks in makeup, paired with beige and greige (beige + gray) clothing creates a soft and luxe look.  I just love the ease of that messy side braid too.  Looking polished but not-too-done-up is an art form and I really love the ladies who pull this off!  It gives me hope that I may do so one day as well!  I'm just much more of a hair down person who likes to give a sweep of the flat iron over my bangs and sometimes curl the ends before I run out the door.  Finally, who has two thumbs and loves a wool coat with a fur collar?  This gal!

What do you think of the look below?  Any inspiration for pulling something out of your closet to make it work like this?

I'm looking forward to the new year and elevating the blog from a fun read into a must read!  Some upcoming things for 2013 I hope will inspire you to visit more and tell your friends about include, closet crashes of real DC fashionistas, awards season winners and how that affects fashion in our town, what trends to look for in 2013 and which ones I think will stick in DC, and maternity fashion -- with Kate M., Kim K. and J. Simp. all announcing pregnancies around the holidays, who could resist?  I'm particularly excited to see the always fashionable and sensible Kate M.'s looks over the coming months!

Also keep a look out for my upcoming post on what DC fashions should be left behind in 2012. Some may be debatable (I know how ppl love certain brands/items) but I will try to tempt you away with some alternative treats!

Winter Look Refresh: Soft hues palette

Wool coat
$300 -

Stripe tight

Chloé high heels
$720 -

Forever new
$62 -

Yellow gold jewelry

Giorgio Armani metal aviator sunglasses
$215 -


Edward bess
$48 -

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