Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Little Reflection

Wise words to live by: Pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood is hard work!  Apologies to anyone who has been waiting for a new post for about a year.  I found struggling with pregnancy fatigue and a full-time job was just too much to handle the further my pregnancy went along--even without the addition of keeping up the blog on my off hours.  The great news is, I have a beautiful baby boy!  And he has taken up a lot of my spare time these days.  He's doing great though, at almost seven months, and is just the recipe to brighten my day!

Little baby feet bring smiles!
That being said, I missed blogging.  Even though I don't get much traffic and don't advertise, I really like putting my thoughts on the DC style scene and lifestyle out there.  So with much effort, I'm putting in all my efforts to keep a less often, but fairly regular, updated blog with tons of new information, insight and observations from that mid-Atlantic, semi-big city perspective!

For those who are still around. You will not be disappointed.  I mean, how could you be with those cute baby feet dangling above? Adorable!

First things first, I'll be blogging in upcoming posts on how my style evolved during pregnancy and post-pregnancy and how being a new mom has changed that.  Although things changed with my lifestyle and body, I haven't given up on maintaining style that's chic and fashionable, albeit, a bit more comfortable.  But this is not only limited to pregnancy, motherhood and parenting but all things DC in the context of the lifestyle while in your 30s.  Now, I still consider myself in my early 30s, being 33.  I don't think I'm moving to the "mid" 30's until about 37! Yes! That's right, I've chosen to redefine how I feel at this age, and regardless of the number and the technicality of what's considered mid or late 30s, I don't think I'm budging for a while. 

One thing I've seen around DC a lot is a cute look a lot of people wear as their street style as well as a chic work look.  It includes a pair of leggings, jeggings or slim ankle pants, topped with a loose button down or tee and sometimes with a blazer.  Throw in a pair of cute flats, a statement necklace and some small dangle earrings and you're ready to hit the town!  As a new mommy, a pair of stretchy leggings or pants, with a loose top looks hip and now, but is still comfortable.  There is no shame in continuing to wear your maternity pants or other maternity clothing after baby arrives for a few months--or even longer if necessary!  Ballet flats or loafers with slim pants, jeggings or leggings and a loose button down-or tee is a great street chic look for any new mom on the go or adding a blazer and tucking that top in is a great work look.  If you're like me and have a sweet little baby that loves to tug at your hair (and sometimes pull some hair out!) a ponytail can be worn so many different ways to keep the look cute and, if need be, professional.  Another hint I'd like to share is that, after a few months of settling into my new role as "mom" (yikes! it still takes a little getting used to) is that I've now decided to not give up my accessories when I go into the office and pack them in my purse so that after I drop my precious angel off to his nanny, I put them on in the car.  It's definitely do-able to keep a sleek mommy style with little effort, although it may take a few months to work out all the logistics!

As far as using leggings as pants, I am not a fan of thin leggings for the look because of the potential for a "wardrobe malfunction" down there (insert appropriate animal toe reference here).  But if they are of thicker material and fitted, but not tight because of.. well... you know... (toe!)... then they can be very stylish and mimic a slim cigarette pant or slim ankle pant look and still feel more comfortable. 

Any thoughts on leggings as pants?  Does anyone out there have any great new mommy style advice?  I'm all ears! And because I have had so many friends who have had babies in the past year and are expecting, I am more than happy to share any tips and tricks of the trade with them as well as my blog readers -- all three of you! 

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