Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Winter Beauty Idea: Mixing blues and greens

Hello to all, and to all a wonderful holiday season!  I apologize for the lack of personalized posts this month with my own pictures, however, once things slow down from the holiday season and get back on track in January, I'll be all yours again!

Till then, I couldn't help but share this wonderful idea I put together on Polyvore for a great makeup look, inspired by the model below!  Mixing bright green and blue together to define the eyes.   I think this is a great makeup trick to try for New Years this year if you plan on going out.  And no, I actually don't think being over 30 rules one out of this look because, although it is youthful, the choice of greens and blues and application can be very sophisticated.  Last night my husband and I went out to dinner and I had played around with some eye pencils in olive and a darker turquoise which I tried blending together.  The olive is more muted and the turquoise isn't a very bright shade so they were a bit more subtle, though very unique!  I used the green on the inside portion of my eye (both on top and bottom) and used the turquoise from the middle part of my upper eyelid all the way to the crease and came back around the bottom eyelid until it met up with the olive green closer to the inside part of the eyelid, near the bridge of the nose.  I then smudged them together with a brush and "voila!" a beautiful and colorful way to highlight my eyes was born!  Of course, you can use a bold green eyeshadow to line your eyes, if you have one, and add a blue eyeshadow into the eye crease and along the bottom edge for a more dramatic look, just like the model below.  Also topping this off with a light blush and pale pink/neutral lips is key so that the eyes really stand out!  Don't forget to curl the lashes and pile on enough mascara so you can actually see them too. Watch out for spider eyes!  You know the spider eyes people right?  The girl with so much mascara clumped on her eyes it looks as if she has only four or five really big, fat, triangular lashes.  Oh yeah! That person!  That much mascara actually looks really uncomfortable and is usually accompanied by constant blinking (probably because that much mascara is irritating).  But she apparently has no idea.  Not a clue!  And boy! As much as you want to say something, you know its not your place. Definitely keep an eye out for that!

Adding in sparkly green nail polish over blue nail polish with one "accent nail" as shown in the collage below, also helps accentuate the color from the eyes.  An accent nail is really hot these days, highlighting one nail on each hand a bit differently than the others.  In this case, the accent nail below demonstrates the blue part of the nail showing with only a touch of green sparkles at the top.  This look actually works perfectly if you're wearing a neutral dress in black, grey, silver or gold, etc. (we know how many people dress in sequins on New Years Eve!). The best part of this look is that you're able to add in color to a neutral ensemble in a creative way rather than searching for a pop of color in your wardrobe that might not otherwise work with your look. 

Finally, if you're going out and want to change up your hairstyle, check out the one in the collage below.  I love how it looks a bit undone but still put together and polished.  It's hard to do this type of style yourself but a low ponytail, twisted around itself (see the video below), with a braid added to the end can mimic this style easily.

Check out this tutorial on doing a simple ponytail twist yourself!

I hope you enjoy the holidays and have a wonderful and happy New Year!   Also if you tried any of these styles and tricks, let me know in the comments section below.  I'd love to see how others put their own spin on things!

Winter Beauty Idea: Mixing blues and greens

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