Sunday, December 16, 2012

Engagement Bling

At some point in time we've all admired engagement rings and thought about what our own would be.  With all the buzz over Angelina and Jen's upcoming nuptials and their engagement bling I wondered when stars (and some of us non stars) would stop trying to go bigger and bigger until you can weight lift the rock itself, and just pick something that's just gorgeous, rather than just big enough to sink the Titanic. (Cough! Avril Lavigne! Cough! Bennifer! Just for starters!)

While I think a beautiful big diamond is a show stopper and just lovely (mine is also unexpectedly bigger than I'd originally imagined), size is not the most impressive thing.  Actually, more intriguing to me are the stories behind the rings and any other details in the settings and accents of the rings.  We know Brad took a lot of time to create the ring for Angie, so while it might not be everyone's taste, it's really meaningful to them.  And I'd be really interested to see what the full story behind Justin Thoreux's choice of ring for Jen was.  Take a look at Kate Middleton's, ahem! Katherine's (the Duchess of Cambridge) ring!  Yes, it is a large royal jewel but the idea behind it is beautiful and atypical from being just another gigantic diamond, which we all know Prince William could have afforded.  Not only is it significant to him by being his mother's ring, it's a beautiful sapphire flanked by a diamond halo in a classic shape (oval) .  I found some incredibly sweet and beautiful rings in my search and showcased them in the Polyvore collage below!  Take a look for yourself.  Does this change your mind on what you thought you always wanted or peak your interest in perhaps getting an anniversary ring or band that is different from your own engagement ring?  I found it amazing how many pretty non-conventional options there were and am still amazed by how beautiful a classic diamond solitaire (some with thoughtful details flanking the sides) always looks! Below are my favorites of the bunch and include lovely engraving details, delicately twisted shanks, interesting diamond halos and side diamond features, lovely precious gemstones and pretty metal combinations like rose gold, yellow gold, white gold and platinum.

Of course, the choice is not always up to us, right?  When I had been dating my husband for a while I'd looked up a bunch of beautiful rings and told him I wanted an antique style ring from my favorite site.  A solitaire diamond with a diamond band and engraving on the sides.

Except he thought it was "an old ring" and was not impressed.

This is the ring he ended up picking out however:

Just taken the weekend after I got engaged!

This is the blurry iPhone photo I had sent to all my friends letting them know we were finally engaged from the restaurant we were eating in, just after my husband proposed.  

Taken earlier this year for my post on Sally Hanson Nail Polish Strips.  I'm still loving the ring and the matching band! 

I noticed the shape and style were very similar to the one I originally liked, minus the engraving on the sides!  Perhaps I influenced my ring choice after all!  I absolutely love this ring and no matter what, I'd have loved it as a gesture from my husband telling me how much I meant to him and how he wanted us to spend our lives together.

As long as your ring has significance to you, that's all that matters, not the size of the center stone or the amount of diamonds in it.  I find some of the most "engaging" engagement rings are ones with classic lines or thoughtful details -- a colored stone, engraving, a classic solitaire set beautifully or even a different metal.

Engagement Bling

Gold jewelry

Blue nile jewelry

Gemstone ring

Diamond jewelry

Engraved ring

Gold jewelry

Lab opal jewelry

Cocktail engagement ring
$6,355 -

Blue nile jewelry

Diamond jewelry

Blue nile jewelry

Eternity ring

Aquamarine ring
$7,080 -

Diamond jewelry

Ruby ring


Antique ring

Diamond ring

Emerald engagement ring

Round ring

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